Life Style Drink poppy sherbet in summer, then know the right way to drink it, it is a panacea for these diseases

Drink poppy sherbet in summer, then know the right way to drink it, it is a panacea for these diseases

Benefits of Khus During Summer: In summer, drinking poppy syrup or using water from its root benefits you in many ways. Khus has many health benefits and consumption of this essential herb in summer keeps the body cool.

Cools down the body in a natural way

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has told about the benefits of khus in her Instagram post.

According to Rujuta Diwekar, khus cools the body in a natural way. Its consumption will also remove the problem of acne, constipation and hair loss. You also get the benefit of it in the problem of PCOD.

Khus water acts as the best coolant in summers and is far more beneficial than refrigerated drinks. The best part of this is that as soon as you drink khus water, it starts working immediately.

Beneficial in hormonal disorders

The root of khus removes many problems related to health. Khus water is also beneficial in hormonal disorders like PCOD and low sperm mobility. Apart from this, the consumption of water of its root is beneficial for complexion, in preventing UTI and fever and also in the problem of pain.

how to use

Clean the roots of khus. Soak it in drinking water and keep it for three days. Including its water in the daily diet will benefit you in many ways. Apart from this, after using once, the root of the poppy can be kept dry. If you want to use again, you can reuse it three times.

In this season, most people also like to drink Khus Sharbat. Keep the khus i.e. Vetiver in a pot or bottle of drinking water. Apart from drinking, its water can also be used in bathing. This helps in removing the problem of hair fall and itching in the scalp. Stomach related problems will also be removed by the consumption of khus. It also reduces the problem of body odor.

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