Infotech Dubai, new paradise for tax exiles

Dubai, new paradise for tax exiles

Dubai is the ideal tax haven “, shamelessly proclaims the legal and accounting firm Merritt, based in the emirate. “Here, the majority of taxes on profits do not exist, just like the corporate tax. No inheritance tax, no VAT, no ISF ”, he still praises, in French, on various promotional websites. Before offering – for a fee, of course – all the advice needed to relocate your income and assets in this tax-free oasis.

Instagrammable bimbos, infinity pools and young expatriates … welcome to Dubai, the new eldorado of the French

The “Manhattan of the desert” does not attract only with its three hundred and forty days of sunshine a year and its sumptuous hotels. He is also loving by his virtual absence of taxation. And, as often, light taxes go hand in hand with flexible, not to say loose, legislation. To the point that Dubai has become the center of a vast system of international schemes to evade taxes and launder money, as revealed by the “Obs” with its “Dubai Papers” surveys in 2018 and 2019 . Revelations that would have cooled the French tempted by this tax haven? Not really.

The United Arab Emirates still host the largest French expat community in the Arab world with 26,000 nationals, including a large number of millionaires – in 2013, the latest figure, 79% of French people living there were subject to the ISF for heritage

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