Infotech Duc Ha Duong, ambassador of work without a leader

Duc Ha Duong, ambassador of work without a leader

Don’t talk to him about business anymore! Duc Ha Duong, 46, has one conviction: in 2049, they will be gone! How will we work? We will have “Causes”, that we will defend in our professional as well as personal activity. We will mobilize ourselves on projects, for which we will exchange financial and material flows like today, but also trust, knowledge, feelings, to which we will be able to give a fair value. Since there will be no more companies, there will be no more organization chart, no more managers, no more titles… Unrealistic? Far from there ! This non-business already exists. Its name is Officience and offers IT services from Paris and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Go back. A young centralist, Duc Ha Duong joined Orange, held various positions there, which brought him to India, where certain administrative or IT tasks were outsourced. Very quickly, he asks himself: what does he really bring to his business? What does his work bring him? Does what he does in India change the destiny of the country? The answers do not excite him… What if he created an IT services company in Vietnam, his father’s country of origin? There he could make a difference, training young engineers and coders, who in turn would train others to develop the country. His company would be the bridge between Paris and Ho Chi Minh City.

At work you ask yourself “What am I

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