Top Stories Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus … the local authority in Taiz is taking a number of precautionary measures

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus … the local authority in Taiz is taking a number of precautionary measures

On Saturday, the local authority in Taiz announced that it had taken several precautionary measures due to the outbreak of the new wave of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).

And the text of the directives of the governor of Taiz Governorate, Nabil Shamsan, to the Director of Security, to act to prevent gatherings in the markets and shops and to impose personal protection measures in the shops and commercial markets.

The governor stressed the emptying of qat markets and the distribution of qat sellers on neighborhoods, main and secondary streets.

He also directed the closure of wedding and mourning halls, obligating restaurant owners to sell off the road, and obligating exchange centers to make spaces between beneficiaries.

Directly to quickly dispose of household waste, make streets clean, and not accumulate garbage.

In a separate circular addressed to the Director of the Education Office, Shamsan directed to isolate students with infections, respiratory system and cold, and to take their examinations remotely.

He stressed the importance of educating students about the importance of spacing between them and on the way to school, and adhering to clean hands with soap and water when returning to the home, not shaking hands, and staying at home if symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus appear.

And he directed to create spaces between worshipers in mosques of not less than a meter and to close the bathrooms of the mosques, urging the provision of sprinklers at the entrance to each mosque to sterilize the worshipers.

The preachers directed to educate the worshipers about the prevention of infection with the Corona virus, stressing that the time of the sermon should be reduced to a minimum.

This coincides with the emergence of new cases of injury and death in the city of Taiz, which doubles the suffering of the population, especially with the continued siege and the Houthi war on the governorate.


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