Top Stories During the annual return to reform Hadhramaut.. Basurrah calls for completing the Riyadh Agreement and saving the currency

During the annual return to reform Hadhramaut.. Basurrah calls for completing the Riyadh Agreement and saving the currency

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Head of the Executive Office of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform, Engineer Mohsen Ali Basrah, called for the completion of the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, with its security, military and political aspects, and to sit at one table to discuss the implementation mechanisms of this agreement.

This came during a speech given by Basurrah yesterday, Saturday, during the annual gathering held by the Hadhramaut Reformation in the city of Mukalla.

Basurra expressed his regret that the Eid came when the prices of oil derivatives increased and the conditions of the citizen were getting worse, referring to the need to unify everyone’s efforts for the benefit of the citizens in Hadramout.

He stressed that reform will only be with his family and his people, and the political component that does not serve its people will be closed because the components were found to serve its people.

Basurrah addressed several messages to all components in the arena, and called on them to give priority to the interests of the citizen’s homeland, and for each component to have the courage and to make a decision in his own hand in order to serve the citizen.

He stressed that the real popular mandate is through the ballot box in a safe and fair atmosphere, and because the people are the owner and source of power, and we have to give priority to the nation’s interest, because the citizen has reached a deplorable state. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Bassura pointed out that the country has idle resources that must be used to alleviate the suffering of this people. Its resources are sufficient for it, and if the resources are invested, the currency will improve.

He called on the government to take a number of urgent measures to stop the deterioration of the local currency, including the dismissal of the corrupt departments of the Central Bank and the suspension of exchange shops that do not have licenses and the suspension of all exchange companies that appeared after 2015 AD and the supply of all local and central state revenues to the Central Bank and not to the money changer shops to revolve the financial cycle.

Basura also sent several messages to the local authority, the political components and the transitional, stressing that there are many commonalities between the components and all bring together a partnership government from which the citizen expects to fulfill his hopes and dreams, stressing the need for cooperation, solidarity and harmony to unify the efforts of all for the public interest.

He reiterated his emphasis on activating the role of local authorities in the governorates and state oversight institutions, for what Hadramout possesses today in resources that it has not owned for decades, and the citizen has the right to ask where these resources go.

He called on the government to activate monitoring institutions such as the Central Organization for Control and Accountability, because its oversight is precedent, accompanying and later, and the control is first over oil resources in Hadramawt, Shabwa and Marib, as well as activating the Anti-Corruption Commission and all societal oversight bodies.

In his speech, Basra emphasized that one of the reasons for the economic collapse was that state revenues were $12 billion, and today they have fallen to $1 billion and 200 million due to the interruption of resources and the disruption of some of them, and everyone is aware of this, calling on the components to be close to the citizen and adopt his concerns and dreams.

For his part, the Secretary of the Executive Office of Reform in the coast of Hadhramaut, Mr. Muhammad Ahmed bin Ziyad, gave a welcoming speech at the beginning of Al-Awwad, in which he welcomed the attendees and touched on the annual Awwad on Eid and the meanings of visiting and fraternity and the solidarity of all and renounce fanaticism, praying to God Almighty to bring it back to the Arab and Islamic nation. With goodness, Yemen and blessings.

Al-Awwad witnessed a large presence of social, tribal, youth and party figures, civil society organizations, members and reform lovers.

It included many paragraphs, including Zamel for the tribal youth, a chant by the vocalist Nasser Hamad, two poems by Professor Abdulaziz Al-Marfadi and Dr. Ahmed Salem bin Ghawth, and a representative scene for the Mayfa youth.

Al-Awwad was attended by Mr. Sabri Muhammad Bajaala, the Assistant Secretary of Reform in the Hadhramaut coast, Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Hamid, the first secretary of the Socialist Party Organization in the Hadhramaut coast, and a number of leaders of the Executive Office of Reform in the governorate and its founders. Leaders of a number of parties, political and tribal components, activists and a large group of members attended. supporters and reform lovers.


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