Infotech “During the year, I’m a bit tight in terms of budget”: why they continue to take advantage of Black Friday

“During the year, I’m a bit tight in terms of budget”: why they continue to take advantage of Black Friday

40, 50, 60% off, or even more. Impossible to miss this Friday, November 25: big brands and brands compete with promotions, slashed prices and exceptional discounts to lure the customer. For consumers, Black Friday seems to be the day of bargains.

Imported from the United States, instituted in France since 2013, this commercial event encouraging consumption at all costs is however increasingly decried. “For the second year in a row, buying tension is decreasing”explains Agnès Crozet, associate director of ObSoCo (the Society and Consumption Observatory).

Torn between attractive prices and criticism of hyperconsumption, the French are only 38% (compared to 57% in 2019) to announce that they want to take advantage of the good deals of the day, according to a survey carried out by the research company and strategy consulting.

Inflationary context

“During the year, I’m a bit tight budget-wiseexplains Camille, a fourth-year history student at the University of Lyon. I need to change my phone, I tell myself that waiting for Black Friday is a good opportunity to save money”.

Lucie, she intends to take advantage of the promotions to make her Christmas gifts. Asked at the exit of a Printemps store in Paris, arms full of packages, she tries to justify herself. “For a month, we have been bombarded with ads, emails… Difficult to miss, inevitably we are tempted”regrets this consultant in a

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