Life Style Egg vs Paneer: Aids in weight loss and are a better source of protein, know what you should choose from both

Egg vs Paneer: Aids in weight loss and are a better source of protein, know what you should choose from both

If you are trying to lose weight or want to build muscle, then you should know the importance of including foods rich in protein in your diet. Protein is known as the building block of life. Protein is necessary to build bones and muscles. Its important role in carrying out other functions of the body is not hidden from anyone.

Eggs and cheese are the main sources of high-quality protein. Apart from protein, intake of eggs and cheese provides essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin B12 and iron for the body. Cheese is an important source of protein for vegetarians, but for non-vegetarians, there is an option to choose between the two. Therefore, it is very important to know the answer to this question, which of the eggs and cheese should be given priority.


An egg is very useful and the cheapest source of protein. Due to being very useful and cheap, eggs become important for weight loss popular food. Egg is also known as super food due to its health benefits. A boiled egg gets 5.5 grams of protein, total fat 4.2 grams, calcium 24.6 mg, iron 0.8 mg and magnesium 5.3 mg.

cottage cheese

Paneer is a popular dairy product. Like eggs, paneer can also be included in the diet in different ways. You can fry paneer sandwiches, curries or pieces of paneer in oil. After that you can have an evening snack with salt in fried paneer. Cheese contains 7.54 grams of protein, fat 5.88 grams, carbohydrates 4.96 grams, folates 37.32 micrograms and 190.4 milligrams of calcium.

Eggs vs Cheese

Both eggs and cheese have almost the same composition of nutrients. In addition to protein, vitamin B12 meets both iron and calcium. The use of which helps us in maintaining fit and healthy weight. Both foods can achieve the purpose of building muscle and reducing weight. So far, seeing the beneficial properties of both, it is difficult to say who is better in cheese and eggs. You can gain incredible benefit by using both types of food in your diet in different ways.

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