Life Style Eklavya was born as Draupadi’s brother to take revenge on Drona

Eklavya was born as Draupadi’s brother to take revenge on Drona

Mahabharat : In the stories of Mahabharata period, the context of Guru Dronacharya and Eklavya is famous in relation to Guru Dakshina, but this disciple took birth again to avenge this deception from the Guru. For this he had to die at the hands of Shri Krishna and by his boon he became Drona’s son in the Mahabharata war as Draupada’s son."text-align: justify;"According to mythology, Eklavya was the cousin of Lord Krishna in his previous birth. He was the son of Devashrava, brother of Vasudeva, the father of Sri Krishna. One day Devashrava gets lost in the forest, who is searched by Hiranyadhanu, hence Eklavya is also called the son of Hiranyadhanu.

But being a good disciple, the dutiful Eklavya dedicates his thumb to him. Mythology states that Eklavya died at the hands of Krishna during Rukmani Swayamvar. During this he was killed while protecting his father. But then Krishna gave him the boon of taking birth again to take revenge on Drona. This time Eklavya was born in the form of Dhrishtadhumna to the King of Drupada. Being the brother of Draupadi, he was also called Draupada.

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