Entrepreneur Elections: Mon Masque de France creates an anti-Covid voting booth curtain

Elections: Mon Masque de France creates an anti-Covid voting booth curtain

The regional elections at the end of June must not, by promoting the mixing of the population, reactivate the Covid-19 epidemic, which has been slowed down in France by the curfew and a third confinement. It is from this premise that the company Mon Masque de France, based in Soissons, in the Aisne, worked on the creation of a range of textile products intended to fight against the transmission of the virus in the polling stations. .

Mon Masque de France thus designed a voting booth curtain, necessarily manipulated during the ballot, manufactured using Swiss HeiQ Viroblock technology. Applied to the fabric before making, this treatment, which incorporates silver microcomposites, inhibits the spread of viruses on all textile surfaces. “Independent tests have shown that the effectiveness of this technology is close to 100% with regard to certain viruses, including Sars-CoV-2”, underlines Diane Deblyck, founder of the company with her son, Jules.

Tablecloths for assessors

In addition to the voting screen curtains with eyelets, Mon Masque de France has also designed tablecloths for assessors’ tables, as well as gloves, which it produces on behalf of the Gant Maille manufacture, in Ravenel in the Oise. Several municipalities in the region have already placed orders, including the city of Le Touquet, on the Côte d’Opale.

“After the controversies at the time of the municipal elections, and even if the situation is very different, it seemed interesting to us to offer a product which could also reassure the cotieans”, continues Diane Deblyck. Mon Masque de France adopted HeiQ Viroblock technology a year ago, when it was created, to make reusable masks, but also washable up to thirty times.

Hospital masks and textiles

More than 50,000 pieces have already been sold to companies, as well as to individuals via the Internet. The company, which employs around thirty people and achieves 700,000 euros in turnover, then declined its concept to the manufacture of clothing for hospital staff.

“The success of the products has led us to decline the ranges, for example by imagining tablet covers and gowns for assessors”, continues the entrepreneur. Mon Masque de France will offer its technology to other sectors and professional activities which will remain exposed to bacteria and viruses, even after the pandemic.


Creation date : 2020
President : Diane Deblyck
Turnover: 700,000 euros
Effective : 30 people
Sector: Textile

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