Auto Electric charging station in Safat Tower

Electric charging station in Safat Tower

Al-Safat Investment Company inaugurated a dedicated area on the first parking floor “B1” of Al-Safat Tower, as a charging station for hybrid electric cars, according to a future plan aimed at achieving sustainability goals, and contributing to the adoption of solutions that reduce carbon emissions, based on its constant pursuit and social responsibility towards a pure green environment. By contributing to the launch of environmentally friendly initiatives.

The station contained two electric charging platforms “Wallbox Commander 2” for European and Asian cars, an advanced smart charger intended for general commercial charging of hybrid electric cars that do not use petroleum fuel in their drive with an electric charging power of 22 kW.

Presentation of the prize to the winner

Charging time varies from one car to another according to the quality and capacity of the battery, while these chargers have economical features, safety and anti-leak technology, which makes their use easier and faster.

The Director of Support Services in the company, Sahib Khaja, said, “We always strive to be the first in adopting sustainability solutions by bringing in the latest in environmentally friendly technology. on the environment, and we completed the march today by launching an electric car charging station to provide a green service to the owners of these cars, whether our customers or the general public.”

Khaja added that the chargers used in the tower work by connecting to the smart “Wallbox” platform, which allows charging several cars at the same time by simply entering the password or the charging card of the station, pointing to the use of the “Wallbox” application via the mobile phone, so that the charging platform is connected. Via the Internet.

He noted that the station’s touch screens are distinguished by their clear instructions, which allows for ease and speed of charging, and that they are reformatable and designed to spread different awareness messages, noting that the service is currently in Safat Tower and is free for owners of electric cars.

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