Infotech Employees of the Fonderie de Bretagne block the factory, the management retained

Employees of the Fonderie de Bretagne block the factory, the management retained

Employees of the Fonderie de Bretagne, put up for sale by the Renault group, have been blocking the Caudan plant (Morbihan) since Tuesday morning April 27 to request their retention within the automotive group, preventing management from leaving, they said. reported to AFP.

“We have been blocking for 10 hours because absolutely nothing is happening, our future is darkening”Maël Le Goff, CGT secretary general of the plant, which employs 350 people, told AFP.

According to him, “Five people from the management are inside, they will not come out until we have an answer, until someone decides our fate and we are allowed to work”.

Renault: 15,000 job cuts and a future to reinvent

On Tuesday evening, Renault management condemned the blockade of the plant and called for a “Immediate return to calm”. “A group of employees from the Fonderie de Bretagne is currently retaining seven members of the company […]. Renault Group strongly condemns these actions, calls for the lifting of the blockage and an immediate return to calm ”, indicates the group in a brief press release, specifying that “The search for a buyer is currently underway in order to maintain the site’s activities and ensure the sustainability of jobs”.

The plant put up for sale last March

According to Éric Blanchier, elected CGT, the blockage began when “The morning team wanted to meet the plant manager”. “But no discussion is possible and she has decided not to return to work. Unfortunately we had to come to this when we were working yesterday, it was they who pushed us to the limit ”, said the trade unionist.

The blockage was still in progress on Tuesday evening. “We are blocking the production and shipping of parts”, said Maël le Goff. “We want a frank and firm discussion with the management of Renault and the prefecture”.

Contacted by AFP, the prefecture did not respond.

At Renault, nothing has worked since the Ghosn affair

In the summer of 2020, the automaker requested a strategic review which concluded that the site should diversify its activities and continue to reduce its production costs. Employees are asking to remain within the Renault group, which announced on March 11 the sale of the plant in order to “Perpetuate activities and jobs”.

“We’re tired, worn out because it’s been going on for a year. Now, we are not close to one or two days “, said Maël Le Goff.

“It could last a few days”

The mayor of Caudan, Fabrice Vély, estimated Tuesday evening that the situation might not be unblocked “In the hours to come”. “It could last a few days. They are still very angry ”, judged the chosen one.

The government will be “intransigent” on the preservation of Renault factories in France

The government announced Monday a fund of 50 million euros to support the retraining of employees in the automotive sector, including foundries in great difficulty. A plan for which Caudan employees “Feel forgotten”, according to the CGT.

Established near Lorient since 1965, the Fonderie de Bretagne manufactures suspension arms, exhaust manifolds and elbows, as well as gearbox differentials.

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