Top Stories Endowment thief “Abdullah Amer” .. the upper hand of the Houthi family to loot Sanaa lands and real estate

Endowment thief “Abdullah Amer” .. the upper hand of the Houthi family to loot Sanaa lands and real estate

As part of the plan for demographic and sectarian change, the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia expanded operations by force of arms over the largest areas of land and real estate and looted private and public properties within the framework of the capital Sana’a, using the “Awqaf” sign.

The prominent Houthi leader linked to the family of the group’s leader, Abd al-Malik al-Houthi, called “Abdullah Amer”, turned to the group’s upper hand to oppress the lands and properties of citizens and merchants and raze real estate and private and public properties within the framework of the capital Sana’a, under the “Awqaf” sign.

Within the internal conflicts between the poles of the Houthi militia, “Amer”‘s frantic competition with other leaders in the looting and corruption in the land file, exposed him during 2019 to kidnapping so that prominent influential people in the group subjected him to trial in an attempt to get rid of him and put him in prison.

However, his special relationship with the Houthi family threw him a lifeline, to return to his favorite hobby of looting and robbery of lands and real estate, a task that has been strengthened since the creation of the so-called Endowment Authority in late January of this year, which came for the same purpose.

The so-called “Abdullah Amer” receives his orders to loot and rob land and real estate from General Abdul-Majid al-Houthi (the cousin of al-Houthi, the leader of the group, who heads the so-called new endowment authority), and Amer always calls him “my master”, as he has a special and close loyalty relationship with him, extending to The early days of the emergence of the ideological and sectarian Houthi formation called “The Believer Youth” and his companionship of the dead Hussein al-Houthi.

This relationship earned “Amer” brutal influence to oppress citizens’ lands and properties and attack major traders and investors, and he usually relies during his field trip to carry out robberies, demolitions, and attacks on dozens of armed and crew-backed elements commissioned by “Al-Houthi”.

In this context, “Al-Asima Online” monitored the robbery of Abdullah Amer, under the guidance of General Abdul-Majid Al-Houthi, about (1670) bricks in the capital’s secretariat only during two years from mid-2019 until today (June 2021), varying between lands belonging to citizens and merchants, and others owned The state, and another endowment with legal lease contracts, in addition to the seizure of (4) hotels, (23) shops and business establishments, and (7) towers and business buildings.

During the same period, the Houthi criminal Abdullah Amer signed (663) a lease contract for looted lands and facilities, and others were leased, even though they are government facilities occupied by the group, bringing the area of ​​what was leased during two and a half years to more than (5.2 million decimal blocks), and the militias gain from this process more than (2.4 billion riyals).

Among the lands and properties that the Houthi leader, Abdullah Amer, looted during the monitoring period, were 23 blocks in the Al-Khamma area in Haddah district, Al-Sabeen District, and 57 “Ashari” blocks in the Rehana area in the Industrial Complex area in the Ma’in district, and the lands of the industrial complex in Al-Thawra District, and the robbery of a hotel. Sam and 5 shops in the era.

Aamer’s last raids

Perhaps the last raids of the criminal “Amer”, the attack at the beginning of this month, on the floor belonging to the famous businessman “Abdullah Al-Qas”, who is one of the most prominent businessmen in Yemen and the most famous investor in the field of iron, and without any prior notice demolished the floor wall and started building on it. Until he had to “cut” to try to understand with him and visit him to his place of work about the reason for what he did.

The Houthi criminal Abdullah Amer immediately withdrew the merchant Abdullah Al-Qass in a humiliating manner and placed him in the group’s prisons. When his relatives came to find out what happened, they were kidnapped, as happened to him, and imprisoned in an arbitrary and cruel manner, according to a story close to Al-Qass for “Al-Asema Online”.

Despite the illegality of bullying Amer, the Al-Qas family confirmed that the floor was rented from the endowment according to an official contract many years ago, and they fenced it and pay its annual rent regularly, denouncing the arrogant attack, and accusations and insults by the Houthi leader Amer and his gang, as well as “insulting a man He has a great social standing and continues to kidnap him unjustly.”

It is noteworthy that Al Qass Establishment is one of the most prominent commercial houses specialized in the trade of wood and iron of all kinds in Yemen, as it is facing, like other private sector institutions and companies, the abuse and bullying of the Houthi militias.

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