Technology Episode 6. A long journey to imagine

Episode 6. A long journey to imagine

The Mars 500 crew. (ALEXANDER VILF / SPUTNIK)

“For me, Mars is a goal, by the Mars 500 mission whose symbol was to arrive on Mars.” Romain Charles now works for space medicine and helps Cnes to create a structure to prepare for the future of exploration. But 10 years ago Romain Charles was also a member of a very special crew. The Mars 500 mission.

“I was selected by the European Space Agency to simulate a round trip to Mars. So I spent 520 days in 3 large hermetically sealed metal cylinders. And the great success of Mars 500 is that there were 6 of us when we came back… And still 6 when we left a year and a half later, still working effectively together. ”

In partnership with the Space City.

The journey of Men to Mars would mark a great first in space exploration. For the first time, they would no longer see Earth. “For me, if I am asked today if I want to go to Mars, I immediately sign on one condition. There is something that I learned thanks to Mars 500: a one way ticket, for me, it is impossible ”, notes Romain Charles. “I need the assurance of returning to have this energy, so that if we have an obstacle, I can say to myself: ‘there is something waiting for me, I will see the people I love again, come on. will find a solution! ‘ And I don’t think a one-way ticket gives me that optimism, that energy. ”

With Olivier Emond, head of the science, health and environment department at franceinfo, this 7-part podcast takes you on a journey to a planet that has always fascinated people. They often projected their dreams there, as well as their worries at certain times. Go aboard the missions which, for the last fifty years, have scrutinized, analyzed from afar and very closely this star. Embark on board the very last machines ready to cross its soil. And imagine our trip there. Humanity is ready to set foot on Mars during this century. For this sound journey, a few teammates, engineers, planetologist, astrophysicists, journalist … and a firing point: the Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse. Ready for take off?

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