Top Stories Espionage invades their councils.. Sanaa women are under the Houthi repression machine

Espionage invades their councils.. Sanaa women are under the Houthi repression machine

Al-Asema Online quoted informed sources as saying that the Houthi preventive security arm has expanded its scope of work among women, by directing it to infiltrate private women’s councils, whether in condolences, occasions or daily meetings, which are popularly known as “discrimination councils” and spread widely among the circles. Sanaa women.

Women are now under the Houthi brutal repression machine, through the Preventive Security, which in turn supervises the so-called “Zeinabiyat”, according to the sources.

She said that the violations against women amounted to the kidnappings of dozens of women in the Amanat Al-Asimah alone, under flimsy pretexts, which might be “a word, a joke, or a passing criticism of the high prices or the living and economic situation that the country has reached.”

(Zeinabiyat) is largely active in all residential neighborhoods of Sana’a and other governorates that are still under the control of the militia.

According to the sources, any female spokeswoman criticizing the demonic march of the Houthi movement, or its criminal Houthi leader, is monitored. The woman is monitored moments after leaving the place where she said her criticism.

She pointed out that hours do not pass without Zainabiyat carrying out sudden intrusions into the house of the woman under surveillance and taking her either alone or accompanied by her husband or father, or any man present in the house, especially if he objects or tries to object to the raid.

Because of this, the sources confirmed that the meetings of women, whether in public halls or private homes, have turned into semi-prisons or detention centers, in which speech is subject to censorship, so that every calculated word may lead to enforced disappearance. All women avoid ridicule or cross talk about the militia .

In earlier times, human rights reports revealed that dozens of women were subjected to torture, rape and indecent assault, and in many cases, the abductees were hidden for several months, and the period of some exceeded two years in the secret militia prisons.


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