Life Style Every girl has to listen to these absurd questions of the aunts of the neighborhood

Every girl has to listen to these absurd questions of the aunts of the neighborhood

Unmarried Girl Situation : There is a saying that a daughter is not the burden of her house. However, as soon as she becomes mature, she starts knocking in the eyes of the neighbors. The age of 25 is not crossed as if every girl directly comes under target of the neighboring aunties. Yes, while leaving the house, there is only one question on his tongue that “when is the daughter getting married”. His. But they are always worried about our marriage. In such a situation, today we will tell you what are those questions, which mostly every teenage girl has to listen to her neighbor’s aunt.

when will you marry your daughter
If you are unmarried even after reaching the age of 25, then the neighborhood aunt would have asked you this question at least 10 times in a month, ‘When are you getting married, daughter.’ Although she has nothing to do with this marriage, yet she embarrasses the people in front by asking such questions.

daughter cooks
Whenever some of your mother’s friends come to your house, often the first question you ask is, ‘You make food, daughter. If you answered yes, then it is okay if you answered no, then you must have often heard the aunt saying that son, learn to cook, the way to the husband’s heart is through the stomach.

who was that guy with you?
Now how to explain to your neighbor aunt that the boy they saw with you somewhere in the market or mall was not your boyfriend but your best friend. You have no intention of marrying him. But they are not ready to accept this fact.

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