Life Style Excessive use of this spice kept in the kitchen disturbs sleep, this is the reason

Excessive use of this spice kept in the kitchen disturbs sleep, this is the reason

Good Sleep At Night: Sleep is not complete, sleep is not good, one has to wake up in sleep and go to pass urine, due to which sleep is disturbed and then there is a problem in getting eyes again. If your problem of not getting enough sleep is related to urine, then this problem is known as nocturia. It is not a disease nor a disorder. You can call it a lifestyle related problem. Because this problem is seen more in those people who consume more amount of salt in daily diet.

Salt can spoil your sleep

Salt is such a substance in the spices kept in the kitchen, which can make you sleepy without giving you tension and then you can get tension due to lack of sleep. That is, the reason for your increased tension may be indirectly due to the salt included in your food. Therefore, if you like to eat a lot of salt and you do not even realize it, then pay attention to your urine frequency and sleep quality at once. You will get the answer yourself.

How much salt is enough in a day?

According to The American Heart Association, a healthy person should consume 2.3 grams of sodium a day. That is, we can eat about a teaspoon of salt from a teaspoon in a day. Because in this about 2.3 grams of sodium will meet our body’s need. But the kind of table salt that we use, which is eaten by sprinkling on food, that salt contains up to 40 percent sodium. So you have to understand the difference between cooking salt and table salt.

Cooking salt is slightly thicker than table salt and table salt is processed more to give a very fine look, making its crystals very fine and powdery. If you want to minimize the visits to the bathroom at night or not, then you have to pay attention to the amount of salt in your food. Also, salt should be kept light especially in the dinner.

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