Auto Exclusive offers at «Kuwait Motors»

Exclusive offers at «Kuwait Motors»

The activities of the Kuwait Motor Show 2022 will continue until the beginning of next April, with the participation of a large crowd of local agencies that display the latest models of the year 2022 in front of the pioneers.

The exhibition, which was launched on March 23, is witnessing a great turnout from driving enthusiasts and those looking for new models that satisfy their ambitions and suit their needs at all levels.

The CEO of Osama Bastaki International Group for General Trading and Contracting, Osama Bastaki, said that the exhibition, which returned after an absence of two years due to Corona, witnessed a success that exceeded expectations with its visit from tens of thousands of visitors in “360”.

He added that the organizing company has started preparing for holding the exhibition in its new version next year, pointing to discussions with the participants to organize various seminars and workshops on developments in the automotive sector globally.

Bastaki indicated that “Kuwait Automobiles” witnessed the launch of many new models of all categories, pointing out that it has become an expected annual event, as it includes a selection of local agencies for international companies, and because it is witnessing a race to provide the best offers and prices for visitors.

He stated that the exhibition, which is being strategically sponsored by the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Zain Communications Company, Drops, First Fuel and Pronto Wash, witnessed the presentation of many financing offers that satisfy all categories, expressing his pride in turning Kuwait Automobiles into an inclusive platform for all individuals. The family every year, revealing its work to obtain the accreditation of the exhibition to be the first international exhibition of cars in Kuwait.

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