Life Style Eyes Care Tips: Follow these tips to keep your eyes healthy and hydrated

Eyes Care Tips: Follow these tips to keep your eyes healthy and hydrated

One of the most important parts of our body is the eye. Most people often underestimate the importance of the eye and do not take care of it correctly. As a result, various eye problems such as glaucoma i.e. black cataract, cataracts start happening. But we should take care of our eyes and get a checkup done every six months to know if everything is okay. Therefore, some tips are being given to give best health to your eyes.

Healthy diet
Be sure to take a healthy diet on a daily basis. Include protein, vegetables, anti-oxidants, fruits in your foods. Fatty fish such as salmon contain omega-3 which increases your eye health.

Itching in the eye
We often rub our eyes too much for a little relief from itching. But in reality it damages your eyes because it is very sensitive and makes the infection worse. Therefore, you can keep only moist and clean cloth on the eye for a while. If necessary, get a drop from the eye doctor for this problem.

Contact lens
If you wear a lens, then wash your hand before wearing and removing the lens as there may be bacteria on the palm. This can cause serious problems for your eye. Therefore, always keep your hands clean.

Daily exercise
Regular exercise removes toxins from the eye and keeps them healthy. It also reduces the risk of common eye problems.

Be protected from the sun
When you are out, always wear sunglasses to protect the eye from harmful ultraviolet rays. But you should buy good quality sunglasses from the proper glasses shop.

Stay hydrated
Drink as much water as possible to keep your eye hydrated and reduce the risk of eye disease.

Limit screen exposure
Limit screen contact with your eye. Continuous sitting on a computer, mobile, laptop can dry your eyes. Therefore, you always sit between your screens keeping an arm’s length.

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