Infotech Fabien Roussel facing Benoît Hamon: the “benefits”, the left and work

Fabien Roussel facing Benoît Hamon: the “benefits”, the left and work

Both were left-wing presidential candidates, they call each other familiar terms and pat each other on the back. Fabien Roussel and Benoît Hamon, whom “the Obs” brought together, however have serious disagreements. The first provoked a great debate by explaining that he was on the side of “the labor left” instead of “the left of the allocs”.

Does the left talk enough about work? Was she robbed of this theme by the right? Hearing the national secretary of the PCF, Benoît Hamon jumped: the ex-candidate of the PS in 2017 defended another vision with his proposal for a universal income (initially 600 euros paid automatically to 19 million people earning less of 1.9 minimum wage).

Now at the head of an NGO, he came out of his political reserve for this debate. Because, like Fabien Roussel, he knows the crucial issue for his camp: rethinking the discourse on work in order to set off to win back lost voters.

Fabien Roussel, you explained during the Fête de l’Humanité that “the left must defend work and not be the left of allowances and social minima”. Why this statement?

Fabien Roussel That’s what I hear at home, and I’m used to being inspired by it. When people talk to me about their disappointment with the left, they tell me that they would like to find a left that defends the workers. As if we didn’t! But if they say that, there is a subject. I’ve been wanting to put it on for a while

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