Entrepreneur Faced with the Covid, JVD is entering the air purifier market

Faced with the Covid, JVD is entering the air purifier market

JVD, a specialist in hygiene products, is preparing to launch a miniaturized version of its first air purifier marketed this year. The new device can, for example, be placed on a desk or fixed to the wall “to create a personal bubble”, explains its general manager, Thierry launois.

Currently in beta testing, it will go on sale next year and can purify an area of ​​15m2, where the first model, called “Air Origin”, purifies rooms of 60 m2. The Nantes SME had been working on the subject since 2017, but it accelerated the release of the first product to respond to the enthusiasm born of the pandemic. Faced with imported products, the company has bet on aesthetics, entrusted to the designer Ramy fischler.

On the technical level, the machine uses a “smart mineralization” technology combining several technologies including Hepa filtration and a process “of neutralization and mineralization of molecules, via separate advanced oxidation technologies”, details Thierry Launois . These “modify the carbon chain of polluting and contaminating molecules”, he continues. “The result is a mineralized air containing only the molecules of CO2, H2O and O2 “.

Fine particles and dog smell

JVD thus promises to treat both fine particles, chemical nuisances, microorganisms “and even kitchen and dog odors”. The company has also tackled the issue of changing the filter, a consumable that needs to be renewed regularly on pain of degrading the performance of the purifiers. JVD promises a “heart” which can only be replaced every three years thanks to a system of self-regeneration of the filter. The company has just invested 3 million euros in a new building where several production lines will be installed.

This is a bet for JVD, specialist in soap, gel and paper dispensers, but also hand dryers. “After cleaning the hands, we switch to the air, from the visible to the invisible,” says the industrialist, who works with subcontractors located around Nantes. This positioning earned it strong growth in 2020 when Chinese products were no longer available. JVD had thus gone from 30 to 40 million euros in turnover with 130 employees.

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