Infotech Faced with the pension reform, anger and resignation

Faced with the pension reform, anger and resignation

Everyone knows that the overwhelming majority of French people are hostile to the pension reform proposed by the government. Only retirees hesitate, with a 50/50 opinion on each side. As Jérôme Fourquet, of Ifop, says, we don’t know if anger or resignation will prevail, perhaps both at the same time, but the risk of a hard conflict is obvious.

It would not be the first time that a pension reform has been imposed by a government. However, there is a difference between the current situation and those that preceded it. The deficits that need to be filled, without being negligible, are not at all the same magnitude as those that threatened to arise before. The evolution of pension expenditure expected at the beginning of the 1990s was explosive, even under a growth assumption of 1.3%. Today, four reforms later, the same growth assumption would lower the share of spending from 13.8% of GDP to 12.8% by 2070.

Luc Rouban: “The mobilization on pensions shows a mistrust of the hierarchy

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