Infotech Faced with the risk of a shortage of Russian gas, Germany reopens the debate on shale gas

Faced with the risk of a shortage of Russian gas, Germany reopens the debate on shale gas

Michael Kruse, German MP from the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP), has no doubts: “Shale gas extraction in Germany has enormous potential “, he claims to” the Obs “. The deputy and his party, a member of the government coalition, intend to take advantage of the specter of a shortage of natural gas which is making all of Germany shiver at the prospect of the coming winter, to put the cover back on such a taboo subject. than nuclear across the Rhine: shale gas.

The timing is right for the FDP, as the government of Social Democrat Olaf Scholz is rushing to replace Russian natural gas on which Germany is heavily dependent. This still represents 35% of its gas imports, according to the German Ministry of the Economy. Before the war in Ukraine, this share was 55% (three times more than France). Except that with the war in Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia, and with the reduction in June of the flow of the Nordstream 1 gas pipeline in June (which has since started again), the fear that Moscow will suddenly cut off the gas tap is on everyone’s mind. . Especially since next winter promises to be tense: gas reserves posted 65.1% on July 20, far from the 80% needed for November. Michael Kruse insists:

“Now is the time to examine without prejudice everything that can increase our security of gas supply. »

Even if it means opposing its left-wing partners in the government coalition, the Social Democrats of the SPD and the Greens,

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