Infotech Faced with the shortage of animators, the government promises 200 euros to pass the Bafa

Faced with the shortage of animators, the government promises 200 euros to pass the Bafa

Aid of 200 euros will be paid next year to 20,000 young people in order to contribute to the financing of their training in animation professions, announced the Secretary of State in charge of Youth and Engagement, this Monday 25 October. This exceptional aid will be paid in 2022, subject to resources, to young people wishing to obtain the Bafa / BAFD certificates to work in leisure centers or summer camps.

The cost of training is between 800 and 1,000 euros, which can be reduced by aid from the Family Allowance Fund or local authorities (for example, aid from 420 to 530 euros in the Bouches-du-Rhône).

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Unemployment: “For young people, the impact of the crisis is much stronger”

This government aid represents a total cost of 4 million euros. It will be financed by the mobilization of the fund to support holiday camps, said the Secretary of State. Beneficiaries will not have to pay in advance.

10% of the workforce is not staffed

In a survey published on Monday, 82% of employing structures said they had recruitment difficulties, especially in animation (74%). The 1,182 structures surveyed report 5,245 vacant positions to date, which represents 10% of their total workforce, according to the professional organization Hexopée and the Youth and Popular Education Cooperation Fund (Fonjep). , co-authors of the study.

These are 50,000 positions which cannot be found to date or will be opened during the year., specifies Secretary of State Sarah El Haïry in an interview with the daily “La Croix”. The situation risks being untenable, while there are wonderful possibilities for young people in search of meaning.

Apprentices and scholarship and fiscally independent students will receive 100 euros

And if the sector is in crisis, it is not only because of the Covid-19. There are fewer and fewer Bafa holders. ” In 2011, this patent was granted to 53,000 people. In 2019, that figure fell to 43,000, according to Sarah El Haïry. And the Covid crisis has come to complicate things, by preventing the holding of many training sessions. “

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Low remuneration

The low pay does not help matters – for example, 26 euros for a full day of work in summer camp. Questioned on this point, the Secretary of State kicks in touch: ” The State cannot intervene directly on the amount of remuneration », Answers Sarah El Haïry.

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The Secretary of State intends to bring together in November the representatives of local authorities and employers’ associations on the issue of remuneration and part-time work, as well as on the lowering of the age of access to Bafa from 17 to 16 years.

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