Entrepreneur Fashion: Promod increases production of clothes on demand

Fashion: Promod increases production of clothes on demand

The tests carried out over the past year have been conclusive. In Promod, we will therefore carry out the test and ramp up production on demand. From January, one item of clothing per month will be offered in different lengths and different colors before manufacturing. Not tailor-made in the land of ready-to-wear, but almost.

Consumers want a unique, differentiating product. For example, we had 500 requests for ‘long’ in fuchsia pink for our Gisèle coat, our iconic product. “, highlighted Julien pollet, CEO of the company with 575 stores, controlled by his family. Without a price increase, the customer had the choice for this coat between three lengths and eleven colors (against four classics in the usual collection) by paying online when ordering. During this experience, the brand received 1,700 orders, made in Tunisia and delivered in six to eight weeks. A success in his eyes.

Adjust collections

Producing less but better is the company’s new watchword. ” Offering this personalization allows us above all tolearn about the desires of our customers and adjust our collections accordingly », Explains the CEO. For the Gisèle, the brand put on the shelves the following season more pieces in “Camel” color in short length, in view of the interest shown by its customers during the first test.

Producing on demand requires responsiveness. For three years, the brand gradually repatriates its production to the Maghreb and Europe, a share increased from 20-25% to 30% with the objective of being at 40% by 2025. ” Before, we produced a lot and far to have a large margin. Now, even if it means compressing the overall margin, we produce more precisely, closer, which makes it possible to replenish quickly. We limit destocking which lowers the margin. It’s a new balance », Summarizes the CEO.

In this philosophy, Promod reduced the number of its references by 20% between 2016 and 2018. Today, 10% of its products contain at least 15% of eco-responsible material: either organic cotton, or Ecovéro viscose (made from wood pulp from eco-managed forests), or recycled fiber. ” The goal is to be at 30% in 2021 and 100% in 2025, where then, we will be at least 20% eco-responsible material », Announces Julien Pollet.

Accounts under pressure

This also involves managing the end of product life. In September, the company launched “Dressing’Bis”, its second-hand website, exclusively for Promod products. The customer who accepts to be paid in Promod voucher sees the amount matched by 30% by the brand.

The brand, which finished its last year at 493 million euros in turnover, estimates that he lost 30% of his income between March and October. She saved 20% of November sales thanks to the web. She also hopes for a shift in winter sales to the end of January.

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