Auto “Ferrari Roma”… Mighty, flexible and fun

“Ferrari Roma”… Mighty, flexible and fun

Elegant lines and sporty touches have always distinguished all Ferrari models.
– Adding exceptional driving in every sense of the word on all roads

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The highest levels of perfection, unparalleled power and flexibility combined with one another by “Ferrari”, the result was the all-new “Roma” Coupe, which comes to give drivers an exceptional and enjoyable driving experience in every sense of the word on all roads.

The editor of “Al Rai” tested driving “Rome”, at the invitation of Al Zayani Company, the authorized dealer and distributor of “Ferrari” cars in Kuwait. The conclusion was that the vehicle bearing the name of the Italian capital, Rome, was made to embody the finest ancient design concepts, and to present a contemporary and true image of a quiet lifestyle. And upscale.

Ferrari Roma is characterized by clear and elaborate lines that reflect high levels of harmony and elegance, as its design is based on harmonious proportions and balanced and elegant aesthetic details, derived from the ancient Italian craftsmanship and traditions of the brand that are clearly evident in its mid-engine cars.

The new car is unique in a modern design language that shows the splendor and originality of the elaborate and integrated design, and retains the elegant lines and sporty touches that have always distinguished all Ferrari models.

Ferrari’s engineers were keen to develop several innovative technologies to ensure the highest levels of performance for the “Roma”, while maintaining the purity and originality of the design within its class, including the innovative design of the movable rear wing that is integrated seamlessly and elegantly with the rear glass, which is designed in a way that allows when folded to retain With sleek, modern details, ensuring the downforce needed to enjoy exceptional performance, with the ability to deploy automatically while driving at high speeds.

The car was equipped with a powerful eight-cylinder (V8) engine that produces 620 horsepower at 7500 rpm, making it the most powerful in its class.

This engine is part of the Ferrari family of engines, which has won the “International Engine of the Year” award for four years in a row, and is characterized by the “Variable Acceleration Management” system that ensures an immediate response when the torque force is adjusted in proportion to the speed.

Thanks to the use of gasoline particulate filters, the Ferrari star has been given a precise focus in terms of enhancing the imposing sound of the exhaust system, which has been completely redesigned, with the mufflers removed and the introduction of new bypass valves.

Reducing fuel consumption

The car is equipped with a new integrated eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DCT), which is 6 kg lighter than its seven-speed predecessor, and in addition to reducing fuel consumption and emissions, the gearbox enables smoother and more flexible gear shifting, ensuring high response on open roads. As well as providing a comfortable and highly efficient driving experience while driving on city streets and in stop and start modes.

The Ferrari Roma chassis design is based on the modular design technology that Ferrari developed specifically for its new generation models. Both the chassis and the chassis have been redesigned to adopt the latest advanced production technologies and innovative weight-reducing features. One percent of the car’s components are completely new.

Furthermore, this mid-engine vehicle has an ideal coupe cabin that seats more than two passengers and has the best weight and power ratio in its class (2.37 kg/hp).

Latest systems

The Roma has the latest advanced driving dynamics systems from Ferrari, most notably the side slip angle control system (version 6.0), which is used for the first time in a sporty model of the brand, in addition to the electronic control switch for the five-position (Manetino) driving system, and the “Roma” system. Dynamic improvement that controls the yaw angle by hydraulically adjusting brake pressure in the brake calipers, in order to increase performance and control. aesthetic touches

When designing the exterior of the Roma car, the Ferrari Design Center adopted an approach that focused primarily on highlighting clear details and achieving absolute harmony between its various elements according to harmonious and elegant proportions and dimensions.

The car is adorned with long and very elegant lines that flow from the front bonnet to the rear section, thus reflecting the aesthetic details of the entire wings and the curved roof end of the integrated cockpit.

In order to highlight the subtle aesthetic touches, the designers were keen to remove all unnecessary details, as the front of the car features a unique dynamic grille located within a homogeneous surface and features parts that open automatically when necessary, which represents an entirely new concept in the design of the front fascia from Ferrari.

The fully adaptive LED headlights intersect with a horizontal line of light that blends in harmoniously with the structure under the car, adding a sense of charm and elegance to the entire surroundings of the vehicle.

The wraparound rear glass incorporates an active glass crystal clear antenna, while the dual backlight assembly features a jewel-like design that complements the aesthetics of the rear sectional design.

awesome design

The interior design derives its splendor from the redesign of the human-machine interactive interface (HMI), to achieve a qualitative development in this framework, including the new steering wheel inspired by the “road safety” philosophy, and full control of the steering wheel, which enables the driver to Uses all touch controls of the car, and does not take his hands off the steering wheel

The car includes a 16-inch screen that includes the digital instrument cluster that provides the driver with all the necessary information, while the 8.4-inch vertical control screen and the new display for passengers provide a simplified and easy-to-use experience.

The new Ferrari key with Comfort Access allows unlocking the car by touching a button next to the new handle in the door, while the car offers a very enjoyable and comfortable driving experience on daily and long trips, thanks to its advanced Matrix LED headlights. The Ferrari Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are available as an option, including adaptive cruise control.

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