Infotech Fires in Gironde: the mayor of Arcachon estimates a 40% drop in tourist numbers

Fires in Gironde: the mayor of Arcachon estimates a 40% drop in tourist numbers

An ecological impact, but also tourist and therefore economic. The flames, which ravaged part of the forest in Gironde in mid-July, seriously impacted the tourist season in the Arcachon basin. “From July 18, we saw a drop in the number of tourists who were already there and cancellations of reservations for the coming weeks”, explained on BFMTV Yves Foulon, mayor of Arcachon and president of the intermunicipal union of the Arcachon basin, this Wednesday, July 27.

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“We are on an estimate of a 40% drop in attendance, which is huge for us since you have to know that the Arcachon basin is 800 million euros from tourism which are injected into the local economy and 15,000 jobs”he specified.

The sequel after the ad

“The basin is in good condition”

Five campsites were destroyed at the foot of the Dune du Pilat, resulting in the evacuation of approximately 6,000 campers. “90% of campsites in Pilat have burned down”, announced the prefect of the department, Fabienne Buccio, Monday, July 18. The flames ravaged almost everything, leaving only a few fumaroles behind.

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Yves Foulon, however, wishes to reassure tourists. “The images that were broadcast nationally showed a degrading forest”he recognized at the microphone of BFMTV. “Everyone knows it, the whole of France knows it, but our message is to say that the Arcachon basin […] is in good condition. » The seaside resorts stretching from Arcachon to Cap-Ferret were not affected by the flames.

To stem the loss of income caused by the departure of tourists and reassure holidaymakers, the Arcachon basin intermunicipal union has released 100,000 euros to set up a vast communication campaign.

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