Life Style Follow these methods to avoid food poisoning in summer, you will not fall ill

Follow these methods to avoid food poisoning in summer, you will not fall ill

Effects of Food Poisoning: Summer season has started. The risk of contracting diseases is high during this season. Along with dengue, malaria, chikungunya, fever being viral, there is also a possibility of problems like food, poisoning. If seen, in the summer season, you need to take care that you can save yourself from all these problems in any way. Food poisoning increases more in summer and people look for ways to avoid it. That’s why we have brought it for you. Some such tips that will definitely help in protecting your food from food poisoning. Let’s know.

Reasons for food poisoning in summer

Most of the people suffer from the problem of food poisoning in summer itself. The growth of bacteria is very high during these days. In such a situation, if food is kept outside for a long time, then it remains between 25 to 45 degree Celsius and in such a situation, bacteria start growing rapidly in the food. This is the reason why food should not be kept out of the fridge for a long time to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Let us tell you that in summer, raw meat, eggs, seafood, dairy products, foamed foods, leftover food, pasta Maggi or anything made from maida starts spoiling very quickly. It is advisable to keep all these things in the fridge. If you keep them out of the fridge for a long time, they will spoil very quickly. Therefore, make them immediately and eat them immediately. Otherwise you may have any kind of problem.

Bacteria comes with the air in summer

In the summer season, bacteria also come with the air and it also brings many pollutants along with it. What our immunity system does to many types of infections in it and sometimes our immunity also gets spoiled due to this. In summer, if food is not eaten immediately, it can also be poisonous and bacteria grow very fast. For this you need to be very careful.

drink boiled water In summer, although we do not like to drink hot water or drink boiled water, but if you drink water after boiling and cooling then it can be beneficial for you. These days diseases like typhoid and jaundice keep happening and drinking boiled water will not only be good for your stomach but it will also save you from problems like food poisoning.

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