Top Stories For espionage and recruitment, a Houthi intelligence cell is active in universities

For espionage and recruitment, a Houthi intelligence cell is active in universities

Yemeni academic sources revealed to the newspaper “Okaz” that a Houthi organization is spying on university students and recruiting them, called the “University Student Forum”.

The sources stated that the forum is very active in private universities, especially those seized by Houthi leaders and owned by legitimate officials and investors. .

The sources stated that the Houthi forum was involved in recruiting students and mobilizing them for sectarian activities, revealing that a branch of a private university in Sanaa had recruited more than 100 students this year, and was behind the kidnapping of more than 200 others.

She stressed that the forum does not differ in its behavior from ISIS and al-Qaeda, as it pursues even female students and their clothes and prevents graduation ceremonies.

In the confidential report that Okaz reviewed and submitted by the forum’s officials to the judicial guard and his official appointed as supreme supervisor of the forum, Raed Al-Shaer and his deputy, Muhammad Al-Wadi’i, it was found that the total number of workers as informants and those who have been recruited since his work amounted to 794 students in various universities and branches.

The authors of the report talked about the presence of elements working in favor of legitimacy among university students, and admitted that these people exposed their movements and transmitted their sectarian activities and displays of Iranian weapons in university halls to the media, reviewing a number of news and tweets by Yemeni activists.

According to the information, these reports terrified the heads of universities appointed by the Houthis, which made them pressure the elements of the coup cell to ease their movements and work in secrecy, which led to the emergence of disputes between members of the field forum in universities and deans of colleges, demanding the need to put pressure on university presidents and deans to facilitate their mission and to grant certificates to those who recruited them. degrees and not obstructing the directives of the Houthi leadership.


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