Auto Ford Alghanim Trucks provides Saba International with a large fleet of trucks

Ford Alghanim Trucks provides Saba International with a large fleet of trucks

Nihad Kilani: “Ford Alghanim Trucks” is committed to expanding its partnerships

We provide the best solutions to meet the needs of utility companies and other customers

We have more than half a century of experience and capabilities to develop dynamic products in the market

– The deal includes 3 trucks «Ford F
-Max »the best in 2019

«Ford Alghanim Trucks», concluded one of the largest deals with Saba International Group, which is a major company among the logistics services companies in Kuwait.

Under this deal, “Ford Alghanim Trucks” provided Saba International with a large fleet of Ford trucks, including 3 Ford F-Max trucks that won the award for the best truck for the year 2019, to enhance its efforts in shipping and transportation.

A great model from «Infiniti»

The General Manager of “Ford Al-Ghanim Trucks”, Nihad Al-Kilani, praised this cooperation, and affirmed the company’s commitment to expand the scope of its partnerships, especially with a company with a reputation and a track record of achievements such as “Saba International”.

As a pioneering trucking company, he said, “Ford Alghanim Trucks” offers the best solutions to meet the needs of utility companies and other customers, with more than half a century of experience and dynamic product development capabilities that began in 1960 with “F600” series trucks.

This comes at a time when the Saba Group has many logistical solutions available to various customer segments easily and at competitive prices.

The principle of “Saba International” is to provide its customers with a service that leaves no room for chance, and works when planning with a confidence level of 95 percent of any logistical challenge, as customers can rest assured that their business will receive the greatest attention to detail.

“Saba International” for General Trading and Contracting was established in 1992, with the aim of providing a professional shipping service to the global business community, and it will continue to provide the best services to its customers to enable them to economically transfer their products from one place to another.

Road trucks

The Ford trucks group is characterized by many innovative specifications that help achieve more profits and reduce operating expenses.

This is due to the presence of the EcoTorq engine, which achieves efficient fuel consumption and provides the highest standards of power and performance to suit any job.

This economical and environmentally friendly engine releases very strong traction to meet business needs, while Ford road trucks feature the highest technological specifications, to ensure safety, safety, control and strength, to ensure business success and customers reach their goals.

All models are characterized by these innovative and dynamic specifications, and these trucks are available in options (4×2, 6×2 and 8×4), where the possibility of choosing the size of the interior cabin (cabin) and wheelbases to meet the different needs of Ford Trucks customers.

Construction trucks

“Ford” construction trucks, with their traction and bearing, stability and control under various working conditions, and with the “EcoTorq” engine, allow construction to be done with the lowest possible fuel consumption while maintaining the highest levels of performance and endurance regardless of the different work pressures and loads used.

The interior was designed in a graceful and dynamic manner, while ensuring the highest levels of comfort for the driver, while all construction trucks “Ford” came equipped with an “Ecotorq” engine, to provide comfort in driving and working for the driver.

The specification enables traction control on hills and off-road terrain, while these engines deliver 430 horsepower and strong job site performance response with a torque of 2150 Nm.

And when climbing heights and hills, especially in work sites where the roads are unstable, the engine and the power of the truck allow the driver of constant control and continuous strong performance to ensure that the heaviest weights are safely transported even on the hills.

Construction trucks «Ford» offers flexible solutions for various projects, with a choice of automatic transmission modes and modes of work to suit different types of roads and tracks.

Tractor trucks

The availability of tractors «Ford» high-performance, and ensure fuel consumption thanks to the «EcoTorq» engine, in addition to the comfort they provide during long periods of work and the various trailer options, which makes them the ideal partner in the long term.

And the availability of Ford tractors, through newly developed safety features, and a comfortable cabin that enhances the driver’s ability to drive, a partner that everyone trusts.

Al-Ghanim offers the full range of commercial Ford trucks in Kuwait, including Ford Trucks F-MAX, construction series, tractors and road series.

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