Auto “Fourthing” Automotive announces the winner of the special campaign “Buy it and Pay Back!”

“Fourthing” Automotive announces the winner of the special campaign “Buy it and Pay Back!”

Automatic Cars Company, the authorized agent of the “Forthing” brand in Kuwait, conducted the draw for the Ramadan campaign, “Buy it and give it back!” At the Ministry of Commerce and Industry – Consumer Protection Department, in the presence of a representative of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ahmed Al-Hamad, and from Automak Ahmed Haidar, Director of Marketing and Customer Service, who, in the presence of General Manager of Sales Imad Saab, handed over the cash prize of 7,750 Kuwaiti dinars at the “Forthing” Showroom, Shuwaikh, to the winner. Moudi Hamad Abdul Rahman Al-Qahtani.

Forthing launched this distinctive and unique campaign to ensure that its customers get the best offers and valuable prizes that meet their aspirations. Automak was keen to make the draw according to the electronic system, which guarantees equal chances for all Forthing customers, which enhances the chances of subscribers winning during the campaign that the company launched during the month of Ramadan, which gave “Forthing” customers the opportunity to qualify to enter the draw to redeem the value of the car in cash.

Imad Saab, General Manager of Sales, said: I congratulate the winner of the “Buy It and Pay Back” campaign! I am happy with the great success and the demand from customers for the car, and for taking advantage of the many features included in the campaign. It is worth noting that the “Forthing” T5 EVO is distinguished by its high quality, technology and innovative modern design, with the lion logo borne by this brand, which indicates strength and pushes it to become more widespread and distinguished around the world.

Moudi Hamad Abdul Rahman Al-Qahtani, winner of the cash prize, said: I am very happy to own the “Forthing” T5 EVO, which has attractive specifications and features, in addition to the peace-of-mind services provided by the company through the 5-year warranty (open meter) and maintenance (oil and filter) 5 5 years and 5 years roadside assistance, and winning this grand prize doubles the happiness and enthusiasm of owning this special car. I thank Automatic Motors for providing such a valuable opportunity.

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