Infotech “France 2030”: nuclear, hydrogen … Macron will unveil an investment of tens of billions of euros

“France 2030”: nuclear, hydrogen … Macron will unveil an investment of tens of billions of euros

Hydrogen, semiconductors or even electric batteries: Emmanuel Macron details, this Tuesday, October 12, the priority sectors of the plan “France 2030” for “Bring out the champions of tomorrow”, in the face of Chinese and American competition and criticism of the “Decline” from France.

His speech on this plan of several tens of billions of euros, with also expected announcements on small SMR nuclear reactors, will be scrutinized with attention by the business world but also the political class six months before the first round of the presidential election on the 10th. April 2022.

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Scheduled for 10 a.m. at the Elysee Palace in front of a dozen members of the government including Jean Castex, business leaders and young people, the intervention of the Head of State will give him the opportunity to try to put the economy back to the heart of the campaign in the face of some candidates who accuse it of accelerating “Downgrading” Where ” the decline “ from France.

Around 30 billion euros

It will also allow it to detail its exit strategy from the Covid-19 crisis which, with this plan, takes a third step after that of the emergency measures put in place since March 2020 and that of the 100 billion recovery plan.

“The crisis has reminded us of our vulnerability, our dependence on foreign countries in certain key sectors, but also the importance that innovation can change everything”, notes the entourage of the president.

Emmanuel Macron recently pointed out that the “Super vaccine” from Pfizer had been “Invented by a German start-up which is about ten years old” while the other messenger RNA vaccine, that of Moderna, was also developed by a young American company which “Is 10 years old”.

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Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna: RNA opens “a new era for the pharmaceutical industry”

It is therefore a question of fixing “A ten-year objective of being the best in the world in such disruptive technology, such innovation, such industrial development”, he added last Thursday at the annual Bpifrance Inno Génération (BIG) forum in Paris.

To hatch these champions “French and European”, “France 2030” aims to deploy quickly with the release of around 30 billion euros, according to estimates, over five years. So that’“In 2030 there are already projects emerging from the ground”, according to the president’s entourage.

A first part of this envelope will be incorporated, by amendment, into the draft budget for 2022, currently under discussion in Parliament.

“Reconcile this France of start-ups” and “this France of industry”

In his speech, Emmanuel Macron will detail the priority sectors of “France 2030”, including semiconductors, victims of major shortages worldwide, electric batteries, artificial intelligence, low-carbon aircraft or agriculture. With, for each of them, the objective of supporting the ecological transition.

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In addition to nuclear power, the Head of State also announced his intention to “Give a big boost” to the hydrogen sector “To be able to both multiply technological solutions and better structure them” around existing players such as Air Liquide, “Public laboratories” and “Private start-ups”.

“To fight against inequalities, we must restore these jobs in the environment, which were those in industry”

Because the logic of “France 2030”, he explained, is to “Reconcile this France of start-ups”, objects of attention since the start of the five-year term, and “This France of industry”, which sometimes feels neglected and represents only 13.5% of the GDP against 22% in Germany.

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, who has increased the number of “Consultation” in recent weeks, insists on the need “To increase the productivity of France and to avoid the ‘downgrading’ of the country and of Europe in the face of the Chinese and American giants”. The plan will include a component for thisskills and professions ”in order to ensure the transmission of knowledge and the commitment of young people.

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Thanks to low interest rates, “It’s time to invest”, says the minister, responding to criticism of the right-wing opposition on the ” frenzy “ expenditure of the State and the increase in its indebtedness.

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