Infotech France remains champion of attractiveness in Europe

France remains champion of attractiveness in Europe

This is good news on the economy and jobs front: in the traditional “attractiveness barometer” carried out each year by the consulting firm EY, France remains the most attractive country in Europe for foreign companies, the one they most often favor for their new investments.

A first place that the country won in 2019, which it struggled to maintain in 2020 and which was strengthened in 2021 with a 24% increase in the establishment or extension of facilities. “France is progressing very strongly in 2021 compared to its European neighbors”summarizes Marc Lhermitte, partner at EY and author of the report, which identified 1,222 new projects in France, compared to 993 in the United Kingdom (+2% compared to 2020) and 841 in Germany (-10%), which gives to France a market share on the Old Continent of 21%.

In 2020, the country had suffered more than its neighbors from the economic downturns, because its economic strengths – automotive and aeronautical industries, tourism – were strongly affected by the confinements. It is the opposite in 2021: these sectors have recovered strongly, and France is benefiting from this, like Italy or Spain, but which remain very far behind.. »

A catch-up effect.

“Small projects”, which create few jobs

“The second explanation for this increase in the number of foreign investments in France is the continuity of economic policy and the emphasis placed on

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