Technology franceinfo junior. Paleontology: who is Big John?

franceinfo junior. Paleontology: who is Big John?

Iacopo Briano, expert in paleontology, answers the children’s questions.

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Talking about dinosaurs with an expert in paleontology is what the CM2 students of the Saint-S├ębastien public elementary school in Paris, in the 11th arrondissement, do on Thursday, October 21, on the occasion of the sale. auctioned at Drouot of Big John, the largest known triceratops skeleton. The expert of this sale for the Binoche & Giquello house and whose auction starts at 1.2 million euros, is called Iacopo Briano.

Brune, 10 years old, would like to know: “OWhere did they find this prehistoric animal and who found Big John? “. “Why was this triceratops called Big John and who gave it that name?” and “Does John show us anything about prehistory?”, wonders Simone, 10 years old. At last, Hugo, 10, wonders: “How did we get all the bones together and get him back to his normal shape like he’s alive?”. He asks a second question, “Why are we selling Big John ‘and why are we selling it so expensive?”

On this page, listen to all the children’s questions and this franceinfo junior program.

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