Auto Free driver update for all Taycan models.

Free driver update for all Taycan models.

Porsche has delivered more than 75,000 new Taycans since the end of 2019

Since it launched its first fully electric sports car at the end of 2019, Porsche has delivered more than 75,000 new Taycans to customers around the world.

Soon, the company intends to offer a comprehensive update for all models, as it will update the driver software for models until the 2023 version, regardless of the age of the car, its engine and body design, and the update will be according to the specifications of each country. The efficiency of the drive system, in addition to the improvements of the Porsche Communication Control system and the addition of many new functions, as well as the development of the Porsche Connect system and driver assistance systems.

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The upgrade also includes the option to unlock individual functions and equipment after purchasing them from Porsche (Function on Demand), and will enhance remote update capabilities for all Taycan models. The company offers this update free of charge to customers, which can be obtained by visiting the Porsche Service Center.

“This campaign will allow all customers to benefit from the continuous development of the Taycan, as we have made comprehensive improvements to all models since 2019,” said Kevin Jake, Vice President of the Taycan Product Line, explaining that new functions were added and other functions were modified to enhance the customer experience. , so that anyone who drives one of the cars that was initially produced will feel the great developments that have been added after the implementation of this update.

Porsche internally calls this update “uPdate” because the 2023 model, which began production in July 2022, bears the letter “P”.

The extent of the update and the time it takes to service center depends on the current driver status of the car, the older the car, the more improvements and innovations will be installed.

Finally, the company provided the ability to change the charger built into the car with another with a capacity of 22 kilowatts at the expense of customers while visiting the service center to update the car driver, which will enhance the speed of charging the battery in higher models.

Most important updates:

1 – Drivetrain: When the driving mode is selected Normal or Energy-saving (Range), the front electric motor will be disconnected and turned off in all-wheel drive models in the case of partial load.

In addition, no movement is transmitted to the axles when the vehicle is left idle or at a standstill, and this function will reduce wasted traction and increase the vehicle’s range before the battery needs to be charged.

The all-wheel drive indicator now appears as a power flow indicator in the center display, making it easier for the driver to know the status of the drive system. The energy recovery strategy has also been improved, for example, the automatic energy recovery settings remain enabled even when the driver changes driving mode, improving driver comfort.

2 – Temperature control: The new update improves battery temperature control, especially at lower temperatures, enabling the battery to be charged more quickly overall and using various charging capabilities.

3 – “Porsche Communication Control System” and “Porsche Connect”: The most important new updates to this system include adding new functions, designing colored squares on the main screen and enhancing ease of use.

The update improves voice command control and integration of the Spotify application in models produced in 2020 and 2021 until mid-February 2022, and the wireless calling function is available via “Android Auto”.

Charging stations can also be categorized and selected in the navigation system according to the charging capacity.

4 – Driver assistance systems: Some systems can now provide more support to the driver in a greater number of driving situations, and the range of parking assistance sensors has been enhanced.

In addition, the company has improved the function of searching for available parking spaces, so that smaller spaces for the driver are now displayed in the options.

5 – Availability of functions after purchasing the car (function upon request): It is currently possible to add the function of opening the doors and the luggage compartment without a key for all Taycan cars produced in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, upon request.

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