Entrepreneur Freelance in France, Lise Slimane works from Costa Rica

Freelance in France, Lise Slimane works from Costa Rica

Lise Slimane is what we call a digital nomad. Passionate about travel, she has multiplied international destinations since the end of her studies at Sciences Po Bordeaux, without remaining idle. “Thanks to my freelance status, I can continue to work remotely from anywhere in the world,” explains the young 30-something.

After Turkey, Spain, Portugal, the Dominican Republic, Bali and a brief return to France during the health crisis, the entrepreneur settled down in Costa Rica in December 2020.

A beach house with internet view

As she travels on a tourist visa, Lise Slimane moves around every two or three months. For questions of administrative formalities, and then because she is on the move. “My first criterion is the ocean. Then, a certain stability of the infrastructures to have easy access to a quality Internet. Finally, the on-site presence of a community of digital nomads to form friendships. “

In the town of Santa Teresa where she currently lives, Lise Slimane has found the perfect combination of it all, which makes her stay longer. “For the price of a studio in Paris, I rent a magnificent house near the beach, and I manage to free myself up time to surf, do yoga, explore the surroundings…”

Remote work requires discipline

Most of his days are still devoted to work. “The life of a digital nomad can make you dream, but once you are in front of your computer, we are workers like any other, with obligations, and we spend several hours with our eyes riveted on our screens,” recalls the freelance.

To earn a living, Lise Slimane does copywriting and freelance training, through her company La Minute Freelance. All his professional activity is in France. First a microentrepreneur, she finally changed regime to switch to EIRL.

“I do my formalities online, without any problem. I simply need an address in France for my business, so I go through a specialized company. »But she readily admits, this life is not made for everyone. “Working remotely takes discipline. “

Lise Slimane has just published “Everything to be freelance” with Caliopea editions, 39 euros, 400 pages.

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