Infotech French vaccine against Covid-19: a Nantes SME stronger than Sanofi

French vaccine against Covid-19: a Nantes SME stronger than Sanofi

If all goes well, our first batches of anti-Covid vaccines will be marketed in Great Britain in the last quarter of 2021. “ Our interlocutor does not want to boast, but he has a smile. A “big boss” of the pharmaceutical industry? No, Frédéric Grimaud is the boss of the Grimaud group, a family business in Maine-et-Loire, specializing in the genetic selection of hens and ducks. But this 57-year-old man – slender figure, emaciated face, pepper and salt beard – is also the reference shareholder and the chairman of the supervisory board of Valneva, the Saint-Herblain (Loire-Atlantique) company he has co-founded nine years ago.

Sanofi: the secret story of an industrial rout

Taking speed the tricolor giant Sanofi, this small biotech announced on April 6 that its anti-Covid vaccine would begin its phase 3 clinical trials this month, carried out on several thousand people. An event which makes the headlines of the British press – since it is the United Kingdom which has bet on Valneva – and reveals, in hollow, the timidity of the European Union.

From the 30-hectare farm to Wall Street

But what the devil are these birds from the Cholet region doing in the fight against the pandemic? The link between these activities is the faith in the innovation of an atypical boss, of an heir who has diversified his family group into biopharmacy and what he calls the “Novel Farming” : digital services for the breeding of

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