Infotech Fuel allowance, Navigo pass… What changes on January 1, 2023 in transport

Fuel allowance, Navigo pass… What changes on January 1, 2023 in transport

The new year is coming and with it comes a lot of changes. Between the end of the pump discount and the new fuel allowance for low-income workers, the increase in the price of the Navigo pass and the zero-interest loan for the purchase of a hybrid or electric vehicle, several important changes should be noted .

• A fuel allowance of 100 euros for workers

The rebate at the pump on fuels, introduced by the government in September (first 30 cents per litre, then 10 cents from mid-November), ends on 31 December. To take over from this aid, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced on December 7 that an indemnity of 100 euros would be paid from January 2023 to the 10 million “Modest French people who need their car to go to work”.

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The aid of 100 euros, paid for the whole of 2023, concerns households that are located in the “first five deciles”, in other words those whose annual reference tax income per share is less than 14,700 euros. . For example, for a single person, this corresponds to a salary of less than 1,314 euros net per month; for a couple with two children, an income of less than 3,941 euros net per month.

The compensation of 100 euros is paid per person: a household that includes two adults who use their vehicle to get to their place of work can therefore receive 200 euros in aid. To obtain this aid, you must make a request on the tax website.

• 100 euros bonus for those who carpool

To encourage carpooling – and thus hope to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – the government has decided to pay a bonus from the 1er January 2023 to drivers who embark on this mode of public transport.

The bonus will be paid through the carpooling platform used by the driver. The payment will be progressive. A first aid of 25 euros will be given after the first carpooling trip; the remaining 75 euros will be paid after the tenth trip, specifies the government on the site.

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Carpooling: how to get the two bonuses of 100 euros in 2023?

Attention, however: to benefit from this bonus, it will be necessary “take a first carpooling trip as a driver in 2023, then nine other trips in the following three months”. In addition, this aid only concerns journeys of less than 80 kilometers made in France and from one of the carpooling operators eligible for the scheme. Finally, it will only be paid to new subscribers on daily carpooling platforms.

Another bonus of 100 euros, which can be combined, will be paid to motorists making three trips over a long distance.

• The increase in the price of the Navigo pass

The Navigo pass will drop from 75.20 euros per month to 84.10 euros per month on 1er January 2023, i.e. a 12% increase for users of public transport in the Ile-de-France region.

After a dialogue of the deaf between the government and Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM), the Minister Delegate for Transport Clément Beaune announced in early December the payment of exceptional aid of 200 million euros to IDFM. A boost that should allow the transport authority to balance its budget while limiting the rise in prices. In the absence of state aid, the Navigo pass would have increased to 90 euros per month, an increase of 20%.

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• A zero interest loan for the purchase of a clean vehicle

1er January 2023, the zero-rate loan trial for the purchase of a hybrid or electric vehicle will be implemented for a period of two years. This system will be reserved for residents or micro-enterprises domiciled in low-emission zones (such as Paris, Lyon, Toulouse or the metropolis of Aix-Marseille) or in a neighboring municipality.

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This loan will be granted to people whose tax income per unit does not exceed 14,000 euros, or companies with fewer than 10 employees whose turnover is less than 2 million euros.

The maximum amount granted by this loan is 30,000 euros, repayable in seven years. For a car, the maximum value cannot exceed 45,000 euros; for a van, 60,000 euros.

• Increase in toll rates

In addition, an average increase of 4.75% is expected in February 2023 on motorway toll rates. The prices are adjusted each year in February according to the rate of inflation. By 2022, toll rates had increased by 2%.

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