Infotech Fuel prices down slightly, the end of the rebate is approaching

Fuel prices down slightly, the end of the rebate is approaching

Road fuel prices have fallen slightly in France, according to figures published on Monday December 5 by the government, which will soon announce the details of the aid reserved for certain motorists to replace the general discount which expires on December 31.

“It’s time to calculate”: words of those who need gasoline to work

In French service stations, diesel sold at an average price of 1.8202 euros per liter, or 4.09 cents less than the previous week, according to figures from the Ministry of Energy Transition arrested on Friday and published this Monday.

The sequel after the ad

Unleaded 95 gasoline lost 2.29 cents, displayed at the pump at 1.7336 euros per liter on average, and unleaded 95-E10 was down 2.01 cents, sold at a national average of 1.6951 euro per litre.

Prices at the pump have been on a downward trend since the middle of October. In mid-November, they rose temporarily after the fall in rebates from the State and TotalEnergies on a liter of fuel. Now 10 cents each, they will remain in effect until December 31.

A new, specific aid, soon to be unveiled

For 2023, the government plans targeted aid for certain motorists, which will be detailed ” by the end of the week “we told AFP in Bercy.

Initially, the Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, announced that it would be targeted at certain motorists “who are struggling to make ends meet”without further details.

The sequel after the ad

Now the government wants “target the French who work”said Thursday on RTL Gabriel Attal.

“In the coming days, we will announce the outlines of the workers’ fuel allowance […] The first criterion is to work, the second, to have a vehicle and to be able to give a car registration number.also indicated the minister on Thursday.

Should telework be favored to reduce gas and electricity bills?

In 2022, the fuel rebate will have cost the State 8 billion euros, i.e. “the equivalent of the budget of the Ministry of Justice”he underlined to justify the reduction in aid, soon reserved for the active and only them, for a budget expected in 2023 of 1.7 billion euros.

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