Auto «GAC GS8»… is moving forward by overcoming the difficulties

«GAC GS8»… is moving forward by overcoming the difficulties

The new vehicle meets the transportation requirements of large families
– Unique, brave and challenging look on the roads

The “GAC GS8” vehicle is a surprise with its specifications as a multi-purpose sports car, with a power of 200 hp turbo with its efficient performance and world-leading technology, producing a torque of 1750 rpm, and fuel consumption at a constant speed of 6.5 liters / 90 km.

The latest car is available at the showrooms of Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi Company, the authorized distributor of “GAC” cars in Kuwait, and its engine is able, during different working conditions, to sufficient and stable combustion, and then increase the kinetic energy and reduce emissions and noise, with a fast transient response and the inertia of the turbocharger, and its drop by 35 percent to the maximum, avoiding the response delay caused by a conventional motor.

Bank and company officials during the visit

This helps the car to overcome the odds and move forward towards brilliance and distinction, with its sharp and unique appearance, which inspires courage and challenge on the roads, whatever the weather and in all weather conditions.

The vehicle is equipped with high-performance 19-inch alloy wheels and tires that boast road load, reduce wind resistance and improve fuel efficiency.

The GS8 is distinguished by the aesthetics of technology, as it is equipped with rear lights consisting of a double U-shaped LED bulb, and its headlights on the same and double with a gradient design that creates a sense of technology in multi-dimensional spaces, and its balanced details that explain the spirit of Freedom and launch, and the headlights, which enable the driver to see at a distance of 600 meters of light consistency, and a lighting width of 56 meters with a mold, rectangular shape and adjustable sensitivity, to ensure a safer driving, and in a way that shows the luster of advanced technology

And because comfort and luxury are the goal of the «GAC», the car was spacious and spacious from the inside, as it is equipped with 7 spacious and comfortable seats that fit the body positions on 3 rows, and the front row is provided with ten directions for the driver and 4 for the side seat, with the feature of electric adjustment.

The second-row seats can slide and recline, providing more than a meter of legroom, while the third row comes with a generous side skylight, an exclusive reading lamp and an air conditioning outlet, with hundreds of smart buttons that redefine the luxurious cockpit and create a path to the inner core, meeting the The travel requirements of large families, with the T-shaped control area chrome-plated and glossy lacquer and the edge covered with leather, to create a mixture of luxury yacht push rods, electric power buttons and power buttons that emulate the passion of driving with advanced technologies.

And let’s not forget the natural style of Northern Europe with its luxurious interior trim, in leather and precious hardwood grains, which create a harmonious atmosphere of luxurious and elegant natural elements. spaciousness and comfort

The GS8 is characterized by very high specifications, and the independent air conditioning comes in three places with a negative ion air cleaning system, which provides comfort with the guidance technology on individuals, so that passengers can feel fun and comfortable during the trip.

As for the trunk, it is a large space after the third row of seats, so that there is a car bag that exceeds 860 liters and contains large things easily, and a flexible flow space that can be formed in the form of a small camp for individuals, which provides fun during the trip.

The car also includes 37 storage areas through which you can store almost all things needed for travel with ease, and because connecting the world begins with a connection to the wonderful horizon, it has links to three 10-inch full-color LCD screens for central control and 7-inch for the instrument panel and mobile phone screen. This enables smooth transmission of vehicle information and provides a good feeling of control with unlimited horizons and new visibility, with a muffler system providing an extremely quiet space, reducing noise at slow speeds.

Whatever the condition of the roads on which the vehicle is traveling, it is equipped with a high-level entertainment system with a Harmon system and 10 Hi speakers to enjoy the party atmosphere and listen to music as if the driver is in a real party and in harmony.

easy driving

The GS8 includes a high-performance solid chassis that is precisely tuned to the upper blocks, enabling drivers to easily drive and control them and solve car malfunctions in a way that provides comfort and a wonderful driving experience.

And for added safety, there are 8 airbags with unique dual knee bags in the front rows, which can give passengers protection from all sides in the event of danger, and provide a responsible and safe travel journey.

The car was provided with high protection for children, as there is a front seat for children “Isofex” in the back row, which provides easy installation of seats with a professional design and 360 degree stability, providing a safe space for children.

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