Life Style Ganesh Jayanti 2022: Today is Ganesh Jayanti, know the story of fasting and method of worship

Ganesh Jayanti 2022: Today is Ganesh Jayanti, know the story of fasting and method of worship

Ganesh Jayanti 2022: According to the Panchang, 4th February 2022, Friday is the date of Chaturthi of Shukla Paksha of Magha month. In the scriptures, this date is considered best for worshiping Ganesha. The festival of Basant Panchami is on 5th February. Before Basant Panchami, the festival of this festival is said to have special religious significance.

A special coincidence is made for the worship of Ganesh ji and Lakshmi ji on Friday
Friday is considered dedicated to Lakshmi ji. Lakshmi ji is particularly pleased by worshiping on this day. Due to Ganesh Jayanti falling on Friday, there is a special coincidence of worship of Lakshmi ji and Ganesh ji on this day.

Ganesh Jayanti Puja Muhurta
According to the Panchang, the date of Chaturthi on 4th February will start at 4:38 am in the morning and will last till 3:47 pm on the next day i.e. on 5th February. Ganesh Chaturthi fast will be kept on 4th February.

ganesh jayanti fasting story
According to the legend, once Goddess Parvati was going to take a bath. Mother Parvati made an effigy of a child from her rubbish and consecrated life in it. The name of this child was named Ganesha by Mata Parvati. When the child’s effigy came to life, Mother Parvati ordered Ganesh ji to guard the door and she went to take a bath. Then Lord Shiva came back and went to meet Mother Parvati. But Ganesh ji stopped them at the door, due to which Lord Shiva got angry. Ganesh ji did not let him inside even after being told by Lord Shiva. After which Lord Shiva got angry and severed Ganesh ji’s head from his torso. After which he went inside. Lord Shiva told Mata Parvati that a child was not allowing her to come inside, due to which he beheaded her. Mother Parvati started crying after hearing this, after which Lord Shiva attached the torso of Ganesha to the elephant’s head. Because of this, Ganesh ji got life again.

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