Auto Geely Coolray… a revolution in SUVs

Geely Coolray… a revolution in SUVs

Offer without down payment and 5 years financing without profits
– «Coleray» enjoys elegance, sportiness and technology

Ali Al-Ghanim & Sons Automotive Company (Geely Kuwait) has revealed an unparalleled offer on Coolray cars in Kuwait, with zero down payment and zero-profit financing for a period of 5 years, making the purchase process convenient and hassle-free.

In a statement, the company indicated that in recent years, the production and sales of SUVs have increased worldwide, making this the fastest growing and most competitive segment in the automotive industry.

The Geely Coolray’s sporty design and fun technologies have attracted a lot of attention in the sector, as this compact SUV has become a staple for a young and confident crowd.

Coolray has been developed based on Geely’s B-Segment Modular Architecture, which allows for a flexible combination of chassis, power systems, electrical components and car bodies, similar to modular construction.

In addition to the common chassis model, the structure significantly improves the efficiency of research and development, and enhances the safety level of this model, which meets the highest international standards. Thanks to the BMA architecture, the Coolray is distinguished by its remarkable shape, high quality and great performance.

The Coolray models are characterized by basic elements of elegance, sportiness and technology, and have an advanced package of power settings, designs, space and start-up control systems, and other functions that meet the requirements of consumers who love sports models.

To meet the demands of mostly young customers who enjoy speed, passion and the thrill of driving, Coolray is equipped with a 1.5TD direct-injection engine with turbocharging, featuring a maximum power of 177 hp and a torque of 255 Nm.

The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds, and its powerful performance enhances the wet-type 7DCT dual-clutch transmission with a high efficiency of up to 97 percent to save more power, and with these settings it enjoys stronger traction every time the pressure is applied. on the throttle.

acceleration and flexibility

The great power of “Coolray” ensures high acceleration, with great flexibility in steering, and offers 3 driving modes: Sport, Normal and Economy, whose designers place great importance on safety and comfort during driving, which are not affected at all when switching between driving modes.

Added to safety, ease and comfort are a host of high-tech systems and functions, including automatic parking assistance, a 360-degree panoramic camera, and blind spot detection.

The design of the model to meet the demand of young customers for sporty and powerful models features many sporty elements, and draws inspiration in its design from the sporty lifestyles of its young audience.

The designers of Coolray have expressed the beauty and strength of this generation through this model, as the streamlined two-tone body, the integrated centerline, the five-spoke wheels and the lower fenders combine to give the vehicle a dynamic and vibrant exterior appearance.

Inside, Coolray adopts advanced materials and high-tech settings for a material and tech-rich design, including a high center console wrapped in soft materials, a 10.25-inch dashboard display, an LCD front panel with brushed metal accents and a polished metal finish. to a panoramic sunroof, while the red and black colors reflect the vehicle’s sporty character and embody the aesthetic standards demanded by young people.

moderate size

In terms of space, the Coolray is a moderate-sized car, however the interior layout is not affected by that at all, thanks to the maximum space utilization of 68 percent, thanks to Geely’s segmented composite structure (BMA).

Due to the distinguished position of this product, Coolray is remarkably well received in the global market, having been ranked number one in its sector many times and winning many awards.

These achievements are made possible by Geely’s deep understanding of customer requirements, as the brand aims to propel Coolray to the top of the segment in the automotive market with a huge investment in research and development, underlining its huge technological capabilities and the brand’s confidence.

There is no doubt that the range of models it produces are a case in point, including petrol cars, electric cars, sedans, standard models and flying cars.

Since its acquisition of Volvo, Geely has strengthened its cooperation with the brand in several areas, including electric products, connectivity, sharing, as well as drive and transmission technologies.

Geely is making remarkable efforts on a number of racetracks, which lays strong foundations for technological progress in general, seeking new directions in the field of car design, the manufacture of segmented modular cars, collaborative development projects, and others.

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