Top Stories Girls’ schools in Sanaa … Female teachers without rights, lessons and incitement activities sponsored by “Zainabiyat”

Girls’ schools in Sanaa … Female teachers without rights, lessons and incitement activities sponsored by “Zainabiyat”

The Houthi militia exploits schools in the capital, Sana’a, to spread its sectarian ideas among female students and their mothers, in addition to practicing its continuous violations against female teachers, and has reached denying them their rights and dispensing with some of them, in addition to loading those who remain in teaching curricula in addition to teaching them to different levels.

The “Al-Asimah Online” website reported that female teachers from multiple schools in the capital’s directorates reported that they were subjected to harassment and the interference of Houthi female leaders “Zainabiyat” in their work … and indicated that the militia had changed most administrations to the group loyal to the group and close to its supervisors.

Among the images of exploitation of girls’ private schools, a teacher working at the Al-Radwan School, in the Sha`oub District, said that the headmaster of the Houthi school gives sectarian lectures to women in the afternoon, and that for this, she calls the mothers of students and the women of nearby neighborhoods.

The teacher confirmed that the director had initially created a literacy department, but she was an excuse to capture the largest number of mothers and carry out activities that involved collecting money and war effort and making bread for militia fighters, which caused discontent among women who had registered to enroll in literacy classes.

She added that the school is witnessing an almost complete collapse in the educational process, after it was one of the model schools in the capital, which required the conclusion of a number of teachers, but they clashed with the Houthi administration, so it worked to dispense with them and were then distributed to other schools by the office Education.

In Nusseibeh Bint Kaab School, the situation does not differ much according to the teachers who spoke to Al-Asimah Online. The educational situation has become extremely poor due to the arbitrariness of the Houthis.

A teacher at Nusseibeh School said that she performs the work of a group of female teachers and teaches several classes. The school has a very small staff strength that does not cover all classes as a result of dispensing with some female teachers.

She added that the quorum of classes weighs down every teacher who stayed in the school, and the least teacher offers two curricula in basic grades, noting that there is another problem, which is the lack of a textbook, despite the school administration receiving from each student its value with the registration fee.

The teachers complain about the militia’s plundering of their rights, whether their meager wages or dues for monitoring the primary and secondary certificates, and that the militia’s promises have gone unheeded as every time.


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