Auto “GMC Terrain” 2022… For those passionate about exciting adventures

“GMC Terrain” 2022… For those passionate about exciting adventures

The 2022 GMC Terrain is now available in all showrooms in the Middle East, and it has an updated design and is led by the first ever “Terrain AT4” model, which was designed to be bolder and sportier than ever before, so as to meet The requirements of the region’s customers who are eager to take exciting adventures.

Sharon Nishi, chief marketing officer of General Motors Africa and Middle East, said that the arrival of the 2022 GMC Terrain to showrooms in the Middle East reaffirms the brand’s commitment to the region by introducing the first ever “Terrain AT4” as promised. A few months ago.

She added that the Middle East is characterized by diversity and plurality, and this is reflected in the demands of valued customers who have a lot of loyalty to the brand, pointing to the provision of more options and categories of equipment, and that the Terrain AT4, which is the sporty expression of the AT4 models, will meet the requirements of the styles of The adventurous life.

This comes at a time when the “Terrain” for the year 2022 was actually designed to make the most of all the features and equipment it contains, so that there is a “Terrain” suitable for everyone, whatever their request.

The 2022 version of this small SUV has been designed to be bolder than before, inside and out, and features a new front appearance with modern facade and grille designs across the entire model range, and exclusive GMC lighting in the form of the letter “” The redesigned C”, which has been redesigned and further enhanced with redesigned “LED” front and rear lights, asserts its elegant presence, while the new model will provide completely new interior trim and equipment classes to enhance the levels of enjoyment during flights.

In addition to the appearance, the updated shape adds more comfort to the driver and passengers alike during the trip, which supports the full fold flat feature of the front side seat and the rear seats.

With a rugged look built for adventure, the first-ever Terrain AT4 offers customers more choices to suit their personalities and lifestyles, and is protected by dark chrome, glossy black and paint finishes, giving it a tough, rugged look that matches its capabilities. high.

This is also in line with the AT4-exclusive “Cayenne Red Tintcoat” and “Desert Sand Metallic” color options, while the Terrain range for 2022 will be available in Hunter Metallic and Marine Metallic color options at Selected equipment categories.

high energy

The new Terrain comes standard with all wheel drive (AWD) on all equipment classes, and it offers anti-lock disc brakes with 11.8-inch front and 11.3-inch rear rotors, which help reduce wheel locking and support the vehicle’s power keep feature. Steering control during hard braking on very slippery surfaces.

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