Top Stories Government: Travelers through Sanaa airport will be issued with legitimate passports from the Yemeni embassy in Amman

Government: Travelers through Sanaa airport will be issued with legitimate passports from the Yemeni embassy in Amman

The Yemeni government announced its continued positive response to the initiative of the Office of the United Nations Envoy and its pledges regarding the operation of Yemenia flights from Sanaa airport to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan during the armistice period, to allow the Yemeni people who were held hostage to the Houthis the opportunity to travel through Sanaa airport with passports issued by Sanaa and other governorates.

An official source said in a statement to the Yemeni news agency (Saba): “This position of the Yemeni government came out of its full commitment to serve our great people and to alleviate their suffering caused by the Houthi militia coup since 2014, and its rejection of all political solutions, and in appreciation of the efforts made by the envoy of the Secretary-General. The United Nations and its efforts to bypass Houthi intransigence in the full implementation of the terms of the armistice, despite the Houthi group’s seizure of the revenues of the port of Hodeidah from customs duties, taxes and other revenues for general merchandise and oil derivatives, and harnessing these resources to support its military machine, instead of alleviating the suffering of the people and delivering the salaries of employees.

The source added, “The government stresses the pledges contained in the initiative of the envoy of the Secretary-General, which confirms that this does not entail any change in the legal status of the Yemeni government, and this is not considered a recognition of any kind of the Houthi militia, and that it will not establish any official precedent as well, and the Yemeni government will not bear any Responsibility for any data contained in documents issued by Sana’a Governorate and other governorates.

He explained that the government directed its embassy in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to facilitate the issuance of legitimate passports at the government’s expense for all citizens traveling on these trips in accordance with the legal procedures followed.

He said: “The government, while reaffirming its sincere keenness to maintain the truce and to open a real path to peace, calls on the envoy of the Secretary-General and the international community to fully implement the terms of the truce and to put pressure towards stopping all violations and immediately beginning to end the brutal siege that has been going on for more than seven years.” The city of Taiz and its people and to start opening the crossings leading to it to facilitate the movement of hundreds of thousands of citizens. The government also calls on the UN envoy to commit to harnessing the customs and tax revenues of oil derivatives to the port of Hodeidah to pay civil sector salaries to state employees in the areas under the control of the coup. “..emphasizing the Yemeni government’s keenness to take All measures are taken to achieve them in the belief that they are the right of all state employees, and the Houthi militias bear the responsibility for disrupting them, as well as disrupting state institutions and the interests and lives of citizens by turning against the state.

The source concluded his statement by saying: “The government, aware of the difficult conditions experienced by our people, and seeing the positive effects of the truce in the hearts, morals and lives of the citizens, it affirms the seriousness of its efforts for peace and calls with a sincere will to build on this truce and to choose the path of peace in accordance with national and international references. In a manner that preserves Yemen’s sovereignty, its republican system, its unity and territorial integrity, and the people’s right to freedom, social justice, equality and dignity, the government calls on the international community to pressure the Houthi militias and their supporters, Iran and Hezbollah, to stop prolonging the war, increasing the suffering of the Yemeni citizen and threatening the stability of neighboring countries, the region, and sea shipping lanes.


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