Infotech Greening, a real forest of benefits in the city

Greening, a real forest of benefits in the city

In green cities, the tree must not hide the forest! Mistrust of the fashion phenomenon, often a camouflage effect… Also watch out for the gadget side with plants made without any real background reflection. “We must give ourselves the means, by setting up a global project for streets, squares, roofs, facades, etc., insists Michel Pétuaud-Létang, architect and urban planner from Bordeaux, author of “The city is dead, long live the cities! »(Editions). It develops :

The avenues and boulevards must be transformed into garden paths, into pedestrian walks dominated by vegetation. On the sides, strips of earth and lawn prevent the waterproofing of surfaces by absorbing rainwater, reduce the reflection of the sun and regulate the temperature on the ground. They host plantations that can be taken care of by the neighborhood, which appropriates their neighborhood, and deciduous trees

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