Infotech Greenly, the start-up that measures our carbon emissions

Greenly, the start-up that measures our carbon emissions

Sometimes you have to know how to change gear, and quickly. This is what Greenly, a start-up specializing in carbon accounting, is doing less than two years after its launch. Originally, we wanted to help individuals achieve their carbon footprint, but it is clear that our focus of development is more on the side of companies, in particular very small, small and medium-sized enterprises., says Alexis Normand, co-founder and CEO of Greenly. The company offers everyone to download their smartphone application to which their bank account “plugs” in order to automatically assess the impact of our consumption on the environment. The effect is immediate:

We have found that those who look at our app every week will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 10 to 20%.CASE. Why it is urgent to know our carbon footprints

Except that the Covid-19 pandemic and the successive confinements have scrambled

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