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Guardianship for the people and governance for the people – Al-Sahwa Net news site

The political systems developed with the development and emergence of societies, and the Muslim society is not a heresy among societies. The first state for Muslims was established by Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, may God be pleased with him. People gathered in the shed of Bani Sa’idah in Medina. And he did not leave behind him neither a will, nor a government, nor a state, nor a tribe, but rather a heavenly message with which the messages of heaven were completed. For him, there is no life after him who has completed his duties on earth.

Those who hold that the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, established a state or approached this act, which is governed by the choices of society and people and their interests, are mistaken. They are the political movements that arose in the Muslim community who mistook this saying, and led to the delusion and delusion of its followers that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, founded The state, inferred that he drafted the city’s constitution or the city document, after he carried out the process of fraternity between the Muhajirun and the Ansar, and the organization of market operations. The movement is inspired by the action of the priests who carried the banner of the Crusade in the Middle Ages and came to Palestine to establish the State of God, from which the Crusade political movements arose. The temple guards, the knights of the church, and the other movements of establishing the state of Christ, and it is known that the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, also did not come to establish a state and did not leave a trace in this regard.

Global Zionism also established the concept of a religious state based on affiliation with Judaism and transformed Judaism into a human race and nationality after it was just a heavenly message for all people sent down to Moses, peace be upon him.

Where are the states of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad? These names do not exist at all throughout history. Heaven is concerned with values, morals, and behaviors of human beings, opening the way for them to knowing God and knowing methods and values ​​that enable them to have mercy and justice, and they have nothing to do with minute details such as the state. And countries, religion refines the behavior of people, whether they are rulers or ruled, and guides them to the Great God, leaving the details of life such as economics, politics, and society for them to undergo the trial and test.

The state comes as a public matter and is “from the affairs of your world” as in the noble tradition, and when jurisprudence was a worldly matter, not religion, according to Imam Al-Ghazali, the rulers have resorted to the jurists to legalize your rulings, systems of their rulings, and their jurisprudence to satisfy the common people and that they are following the command of God, these jurisprudential operations have transformed The ruler into an authoritarian in the name of God and transformed the jurist into a legislator, permitted, spokesperson and signer in the name of God, and here the danger lurked, sedition appeared, and politicians manipulated the jurists’ detailing of texts according to demand, so the texts became arbitrary and the idea of ​​the caliphate began to be created in the Quraysh and the leadership in the belly of the Islamic sects.

The summary of the issue is the right of Muslims as it is the right of the Jews and Christians to have a state and states that take care of the people on the basis of the values ​​of citizenship, freedoms and rights. Its spirit is from the law and from parliamentary legislation, based on the need and service of the people. Humanity has reached democracy to legalize and manage the conflict between the forces and movements of society, as the best means produced and approved by the people.

The era of ruling theocracy has ended by God’s command, and the era of democratic regimes ruling by the people’s order has come to an end, and it has ended the controversy over who governs, and the rule is for the people, loyalty to the people, and guardianship for the people in the various contemporary regimes. Only terrorist movements today in our Arab world are calling for the rule of heaven and the state of heaven, such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Al-Houthi. As for the rest of the political Islam movements, they have reached advanced stages in dealing with the issue of governance. Legislation and constitutional texts have developed in Arab regimes, so the controversy over the only source of legislation has subsided to the main and primary source of legislation. It is no longer controversial, but has become the origin of all civil society movements.

Only the political Hashemite in Yemen is the one who celebrates Ghadeer. This Ghadeer in its entirety and its meaning says that the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, commanded the mandate of Ali Ibn Abi Talib, may God be pleased with him, for a general political mandate, and in his sons after him. Movements in the fourth century AH, and while the Buyid movement became extinct, the secret political Hashemite remained until it reached its Houthi version today, and it still insists on the alleged Wilayat of Ali. Who has the right to grant me such jurisdiction? No one has this right to give it to others at all. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, was neither a king, nor a president, nor a leader, nor a prince. He is just a prophet and a messenger, so how can a person who is not interested in ruling recommend ruling? If he was a leader, a leader, a president and a king, his body would not have been left for 48 hours, and the people would change from the status of the call and the message to the status of the state as a natural event and a separator between two stages. Neither history nor the recorded biography said that Abu Bakr attributed the state to God, so his state was named after him “the state of Abu Bakr” and after that came the state of Omar, Othman and Ali, and after them came the family states that ruled the Islamic world, the Umayyad, Abbasid and Ottoman, no one attributed the state to God, except when The Fatimids appeared in the Abbasid state, ruling by the command of God, but soon they evaporated and the rule evaporated with them in the name of the Lord, which is contrary to the nature of governance and its systems based on shura.

The argument of the Imamate and the Caliphate in Islam is now in the archives and from the old memories of the past, after humanity reached the rule of the people themselves, for the rule of the people alone has no partner, and the mandate of Ali and Al-Houthi is just a mockery, farce and foolishness that will soon end, as many myths before it ended.


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