Entrepreneur Guillaume-Olivier Doré, entrepreneur investor in Bordeaux

Guillaume-Olivier Doré, entrepreneur investor in Bordeaux

Established for five years in New Aquitaine, Guillaume-Olivier Doré is both an entrepreneur and an investor. Founder of a fintech, vice-president of French Tech Bordeaux and president of the association of business angels Finaqui, he has the ambition to make the network of investors more readable for entrepreneurs.

“I was tired of this Parisian universe of tech that was ultimately very inbred, making little room for diversity with a thousand people often from the bourgeoisie, who had gone through the great schools who today set up start-ups as we entered on the board a few years ago,” he recalls.


After having worked in Paris but also lived in Lyon, Nantes or Ajaccio, Guillaume-Olivier Doré settled in Bordeaux in 2016. A career and an experience that now make him almost essential. Co-founder of Viadeo, of the medtech Theraclion, the serial entrepreneur created Elwinhis seventh venture, a fintech that has developed software for wealth managers.

The entrepreneur, also the boss of a small press group, has also been an investor almost from the outset. “Both professions use the same springs: making decisions, alone, every day and assuming them with full responsibility,” he explains. Having worked for 3i, IBM Global Financing and Apax Partners, he is also at the origin of Agregator Capital, the first entrepreneurial investment fund.

In 2019, he was elected to the office of French Tech Bordeaux, then the following year became president of the association of business angels Finaqui. “With 630 members and 25,000 employees, Bordeaux is the largest French Tech community, well ahead of Paris. Here, the entrepreneurs seized on the subject from the outset and convinced the local authorities and the CCI to support them”, insists Guillaume-Olivier Doré. The association brings together the entire territory thanks to six French Tech “communities”, which means that “in reality, French Tech Bordeaux is already that of New Aquitaine”, insists Guillaume-Olivier Doré.

The man for the job

Born in 2007, Finaqui was, on the other hand, a little sleepy and needed to be “revitalised”. “I went to look for Guillaume-Olivier because with his profile as an entrepreneur and investor who knows how to give time, I knew he was the man for the job. He is also a leader with an ability to bring people around him and this can only be positive for Finaqui and the Bordeaux ecosystem,” explains Axel Champeil, CEO of the financial company Champeil SA and administrator of Finaqui.

At the head of Finaqui, whose statutes have been modified with a symbolic contribution of 100 euros, Guillaume-Olivier Doré wanted to encourage “all entrepreneurs, even those who are not yet investors, to push the door to come and see. » As a result, the number of members almost doubled going from 80 to 150 “with a marked feminization”. Same evolution within French Tech with “a board that now has more women than men,” he smiles.

InvESS’t, for the social and solidarity economy

In a few years in Bordeaux, Guillaume-Olivier Doré had had time to make his diagnosis: “Bordeaux is very fertile ground for entrepreneurship with multiple systems but lacking in clarity. He is thus at the origin of a “regional directory of corporate finance” accessible online (Bordeaux. finance) created with Invest In Bordeaux. From then on, its main objective was to make everyone work together, in particular French Tech Bordeaux and Finaqui. “Each structure keeps its investment thesis, but by better federating information. All the stake is there”, insists Guillaume-Olivier Doré.

Like the rest of the team, his mandate at the head of French Tech Bordeaux will end next year, but he will continue “to remain available”. Very involved in the social and solidarity economy, co-founder of the SOS group, and administrator of the integration association Ovale Citoyen, Guillaume-Olivier Doré is working on the creation of InvESS’t which should see the light of day next June: “It is a fund supported by the region, the Banque des Territoires and the banks which will aim to strengthen the equity of companies in the social and solidarity economy. It’s completely new. »

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