Auto Gulf Auto is the first online platform for used car auctions in Kuwait

Gulf Auto is the first online platform for used car auctions in Kuwait

– Walid Khalil: Participation in auctions is available to everyone to buy as many cars as they want at wholesale prices
– We have a specialized technical team to inspect the displayed cars and prepare a comprehensive and detailed report on each of them

Gulf Auto, the first online platform of its kind in Kuwait specialized in organizing electronic auctions for used cars, announced the launch of its first auctions in the Kuwaiti market.

The company’s CEO, Walid Khalil, said that Gulf Auto will play the role of mediator between car companies and gather wholesalers, such as car agencies and car rental companies on the one hand, and retail dealers who own car offices on the other.

Electric vehicles that satisfy all parties

He explained that according to a survey conducted by the company, there are more than 200 car dealers who have showrooms, but they do not have access to traditional auctions, and they suffer from marginalization and face multiple challenges for several reasons, foremost of which is that large auctions are often limited to large dealers who have the ability Purchasing, in addition to poor communication with major sellers from agencies and leasing companies, the difficulty of obtaining the necessary financing, and their inability to obtain a wide variety of cars at reasonable prices, indicating that from here the idea of ​​”Gulf Auto” came.

fair competition

Khalil explained that the company seeks to reduce the burden on agencies and car rental companies, by organizing auctions and taking care of everything they need, while providing the opportunity for auction participants to buy any number they want at the wholesale price, pointing out that to ensure achieving these goals, registration and participation in auctions will be available to dealers. Only registered retailers to maintain the wholesale price, noting that the company will work to connect the seller to the buyer in a smooth and simplified manner.

simplified procedures

Khalil stated that the company wishing to benefit from the services of Gulf Auto should communicate with it and send the data of the cars to be re-marketed, so that the company will send its specialized technical team to examine these cars and prepare a comprehensive and detailed report for each car.

He stated that the cars will then be auctioned on the Gulf Auto platform for a specific period of time, so that authorized dealers will bid on all cars confidentially and transparently, and that at the end of the process, the auction will be awarded to the highest bidders.

He added, “The seller has the right to offer any type of used car provided that it is in a usable technical condition, and the auction is not held until after the company’s technical team has examined it fully and in detail, so that this process is done on the electronic platform from start to finish, and the process stage can be followed up. through the platform.

He stressed that to ensure ease of procedures, the company will be a link between the seller and the buyer, to transfer the purchase amounts through bank transfers, so that “Gulf Auto” coordinates to complete the procedures for transferring the ownership of the car according to the approved procedures in Kuwait.

He stated that the company does not require a minimum number of cars that a customer can buy, unlike what some companies do that require dealers to buy a quantity of cars to obtain the wholesale price.

Multiple advantages

Khalil stated that there are many advantages that Gulf Auto enjoys, being the first online market for used car auctions in the region, pointing out that it is a new idea for used car auctions dedicated exclusively to authorized dealers, and acts as a link between car dealerships and rental companies on the one hand, and approved used car offices. On the other hand.

He stressed that the great capabilities owned by the company guarantee the availability of a large number of approved used car dealers, more than what can be accommodated by traditional auctions, with the ability to purchase any number of cars without setting a minimum, noting that membership and participation in auctions is free, at the time of the availability of «Gulf». Auto» exceptional packages for a limited time.

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