Top Stories Haidan: Iran and the Houthis pose a serious threat to local, regional and international peace and security

Haidan: Iran and the Houthis pose a serious threat to local, regional and international peace and security

Interior Minister Major General Ibrahim Haidan said that “Iran and its military arms in our Arab region, including the Houthis and Hezbollah, pose a serious threat to our national security. Iran is a rogue state that does not respect international law or its obligations as a member state of the United Nations.”

This came during his speech at the high-level international conference on combating terrorism and promoting human rights, organized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union Affairs and Cooperation and the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism, on May 10 and 11, in Malaga, in the friendly Kingdom of Spain, with the participation of a number of foreign ministers. Interior, justice and human rights from different countries of the world.

Minister Haydan added, “Yemen is living in front of political changes that may result in a phase of peace and stopping the war, if the Houthis acquiesce in it and abandon intransigence and receive directives that come to them from countries that do not want the good for Yemen,” expressing Yemen’s appreciation for the roles of brotherly and friendly countries, which stood with Yemen is in a time of distress and has contributed to alleviating the burdens of the Houthi terrorist militia coup against the legitimate state institutions since 2014.

He pointed out that Yemen has signed international conventions and treaties, whether related to combating terrorism or human rights, based on its keenness to abide by all international treaties and conventions.

He reviewed the blatant attacks carried out by the Houthi coup militias since 2014 until this moment on these agreements. The Houthi violations included killing, destruction and displacement of people, stone, burning and bombing of homes and places of worship, in addition to threatening international security and peace and the global economy by targeting international shipping lanes by planting mines in the Red Sea. Attacks on international ships and tankers.

The Minister of Interior continued, “The Houthi violations also included targeting oil facilities with missiles and drones in the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the sisterly United Arab Emirates, as well as the Houthi militias in alliance with Al-Qaeda and the release of Al-Qaeda elements from prisons to carry out terrorist operations against citizens and state institutions in the liberated areas, which led leading to the death of many innocent citizens.

He touched on the Houthis’ violations of human rights by pushing young people to recruit and engaging them in absurd battles, in addition to violating and restricting freedoms and imprisoning journalists, opponents and opinion leaders, and placing all their opponents as human shields during their military confrontations, as well as imprisoning women opposed to the Houthi terrorist policy.

He praised all the humanitarian efforts of the Arab coalition, the United Nations and humanitarian organizations to expose the falsehood and allegations of Al-Houthi and his slogan based on death and the attempt to perpetuate this false slogan that contradicts the essence of humanity.

Major General Haidan also reviewed the government’s efforts in the field of combating terrorism from an early date, which is a clear evidence of the government’s determination to eliminate terrorism, its sources and organizational elements… reiterating the government’s commitment to fulfilling conventions and treaties related to combating terrorism, and protecting human rights in light of cooperation with countries Sister and friend, he called on the international community to stand firmly against all terrorist organizations, including the Houthi group, so that the world would be stable and peoples would be secure and live in security and peace.


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